The Arwen, Season 7: Battlesphere

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During a raid of the Ulliam system the Handler's manage to drop off a message to Captain Cook and the United Corps Planets in the form a 16 year old clone of Captain Cook. The clone, who names herself Ann, has one simple message: Some of Handler's want peace. While on her way to deliver the message the Arwen, as well as the other Corps sentient computers, start acting strangely as a virus turns them against their crew. Meanwhile, Professor Ricter works on way to manipulate wormholes. His ultimate goal is to fling a small star at one of the Handler's Dyson Sphere's. The Arwen, Season 7: Battlesphere brings an end to Handler's saga. The final chapter of a quest that started on The Water Planet, then continued with Dyson Sphere and The Final Days of Peace.Read more »

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