Hey man, I've heard you sold your dreams

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"Hey Man, I’ve Heard You Sold Your Dreams" is a collection of literary works by Benjamin G. Dubel. It is a treasure trove of poems that reaches deep into the mind and soul of youth with all its innocence and infinite wisdom. The author was but 17 years old when most of these were composed, yet they reflect a depth and maturity of someone who has experienced so much more in such a short time. His observations and thoughts of life, as well as various events he witnesses during this tumultuous time of development, are warm and heartfelt. The poems unleash an unbridled spirit and raw honesty of emotion as the author takes us on a journey throughout the ebbs and flows of his life. The struggles and grace of transcending into adulthood lie tenderly within the phrases of passion, pain, joy and confusion. He manages to collect and articulately document his thoughts and feelings on many facets of life. He captures the essence of the moment and writes with such clarity that is becomes easy to share in the experience. From heartache to heartbreak, disappointment to elation, each poem is chock full of some pivotal point in a youth’s life. The poem written in response to the Columbine massacre for example, shares a message of disdain and disappointment for such a heinous act. He calls out the vigilantes' “one-way ticketed suicidal mission” and the sadness and memories left behind. In the poem entitled “Dreams”, his inspirational thoughts state “Life isn’t as hard as you think it seems, it’s always easier to look back and laugh” and in another segment “It’s a shame you had to go and let the best years of your life get you down”. Despite various components of challenge and adversity, the author somehow manages to find a positive spin of hope and revelation. This is a tribute to youth, both young and old and serves as testament that life is not easy, nor is it intended to be, but shows that in the end, you will be much richer for having lived through the experiences. Here are two examples from the collection of 130 poems: Poem 1 There are times I find myself sitting here wondering, if I ever see you again someday, could you forgive me? Even though it seems like you are so far away these days I look back now just to see I’ve been left behind … and if I could ever stand back up after falling down I know things would be different this time around. Well, I guess this is where I stand now before you fore.Read more »

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