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In this podiobook: 'All Sorts of People - Ordered Complexity' is a collection of seven linked books:Book One presents personality differences - we may describe you, your family, your friends, in a great deal of detail. We develop symmetries between the various forms of thought. This will help us later as we map things onto the human brain.Book Two examines the energy engine of the mind, the source of our excitement. This form of thought operates strongly in one personality style and gives it 'charisma.' We'll look at multiple historical persons, using direct quotes chained together from published historical biographies. That way you know we aren't making this up.Book Three analyzes typical compatibilities and conflicts, and uses this information, with the symmetries developed previously, to generate a static model of the human mind. Surprisingly, there turn out to be only about eight common marriage combinations.Book 4 looks at a second personality style - it's the basis for sensitivity, and thus for human interaction and love. We examine its development, in persons from history, again using only direct quotes from historical biographies.Books 5, 6 and 7 are too sensitive to put on to audio. Thus, we leave them for you to read by yourself - they can be downloaded from our website at seven books, taken together, provide a possible explanation for human consciousness - this is the Holy Grail of the social sciences. We leave it for you to judge how well we succeed.Read more »

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