Her Confidence Her Way | with Emiko Rasmussen|アメリカで学んだ女性のキャリアと自信|ワークライフデザイン| ワーキングマザー|女性起業家

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Show Info: Are you feeling not confident, discouraged and undervalued? This podcast is for you if you want to start building your self-confidence and discover your gifted talent to get a job you love, advance a career or become an entrepreneur. This podcast is especially designed for Japanese professional women who want to -be a better version of herself - do what she really want to do and - design her work life style that is meaningful for her without worrying about others opinions. This is a podcast where Emi interviews accomplished Japanese women who are using their talent and do what they love to do. You will learn how they are using their gifted talent, how they have advanced their career/business, how they are breaking though their fears and barriers as well as how they are building their self-confidence. Join Emi, as she learns about her guests' inspiring journeys of their confidence breaking through so that they are doing what they really want to do without worrying about someone else’s opinion and live their meaningful work life. We all have a gifted talent that no one can copy, and we are here to let our talent shine! このポッドキャストは女性のキャリア、ワークライフ、セルフコンフィデンス、自信を引き出す方法をメイントピックです。自分のGifted Talent『特別な才能』を活かしアメリカでキャリアを積んでいる 又は起業をして言葉、文化そしてセルフダウトの壁を乗り越え、自分を信じて、本当のやりたい事を実現し、自分らしくワークライフをデザインする日本人女性にスポットライトを当て、今アメリカ、英語圏在住、又は日本で英語を使いながら仕事をしている女性のキャリアをサポートする番組です。  このポットキャストでは沢山のリスナーさんからいただいた、『もっと日本人が英語でお話をしているのを聞いてみたい』というご希望に答え、ゲストの方に英語でインタビューもしているバイリンガルポッドキャストです。。 Are you ready to breakthrough your own fear and start building your own self confidence?  *This is an English/Japanese Bilingual podcast. If the title is written in English, all the content is in English. If the title is written in Japanese, the interview is done in Japanese. For more details, and to subscribe to the show, please v.

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