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Show Info: My name is Giles, I’m a blogger just like you, who right now is in the trenches trying to create a successful blog and learning plenty along the way. I’ve always loved podcasts as a way of getting information, and seeing the success of posts on my blog about my blogging experience, I thought to myself, why not start my own podcast about blogging? There are some fantastic podcasts by inspirational and hugely successful bloggers and content marketers, making a living full time blogging, and although the information and insight is fantastic and still information I use today, I always felt they were a bit out of my league… It can be pretty intimidating when the people you’re taking advice from are international key note speakers, where's the guy who's celebrating their first 39 cents advertising income? I’ve also found, that the things I’m picking up along the way outside of what I’ve learned from the pro’s, are often not that often discussed. So in this podcast, I want to give a perspective of someone right in the middle and I think I have something different to offer. I'm someone who’s made his fair share of mistakes, still has a long way to go, and is learning plenty by experimenting with all the different aspects of starting and monetising a blog. So I hope to take you all along for the ride. One thing I’ve learnt since starting my blog, is that blogging should be about community, and one of the best ways to learn is from each other. There are so many incredibly supportive people out there and I’ve learnt so much of what I know from other bloggers. So I want this podcast to be interactive. If you have any questions for me, any thoughts or insights to share, or topics you’d like covered, then do get in touch emailing, and I’ll try and go through useful topics or questions in the show. In the future, I also hope to feature other guests, fellow bloggers, and their stories as the podcast grows, so that I can share experiences and learnings from you too. So I hope you enjoy my podcast, and if you want to check out my blog where you can also find more information about me, go to

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