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Natural Remedies for Estrogen Dominance

Are you struggling with estrogen dominance? Apart from medication, have you thought about other more natural treatment alternatives? You do not have to subscribe to a medication-based treatment. This article will help you discover other natural estrogen alternatives.

Natural Remedies to Estrogen Dominance

Nutrition and diet: This is one of the most preferred methods because it costs less and is a healthy lifestyle change. You will need to get in contact with your nutritionist or natural healthcare doctor to guide you on the right foods and eating plan.

Royal jelly: This promotes hormonal balance by supporting and maintaining the endocrine system. It reduces the signs and symptoms of hormonal imbalance. It mimics human estrogen when it is introduced into the human system. This helps people who have low production levels of the estrogen hormone. Specifically, it mimics phytoestrogens, which acts as a protecting shield against estrogen dominance and xenohormones.

Supplements: Numerous supplements aim to help estrogen dominance. Below are five best supplements to try out. Remember to consult your doctor before you ingest any of these supplements.

Vitamin B6- This supplement can help regulate hormones. A dosage of 200-800 mg daily improves PMS symptoms by reducing the estrogen levels in the blood. Research shows that this supplement lowers miscarriage chances by fifty percent. Additionally, it improves fertility by one hundred and twenty percent.

Magnesium- This supplement is known to support calcium absorption by the body. Nevertheless, it also regulates the hormone levels by managing the pituitary gland, which is in charge of regulating hormone levels. This gland regulates the production of a number of hormones including progesterone and estrogen. Additionally, it regulates the production of LH (luteinizing) and FSH (follicular stimulating). When it lacks in the blood, your body produces fewer hormones, which affects the normal functions of your reproductive system.

DIM- This is a compound that supports the healthy metabolism of estrogen. It breaks down estrogen and removes it from the body. This balances the hormone level in the body.

Maca- It manages the progesterone and estrogen levels in the body. When either of these two hormones is either high or low at any time, it could affect a woman’s ability to be fertile and be pregnant. It even goes as far as affecting the woman’s ability to carry a pregnancy to term.

Chaste Tree-This herb is very powerful. It helps women’s menstrual health and fertility. The beauty about this herb is that it does not contain any hormone but it is capable of balancing and maintaining healthy hormone levels in the blood. It directly affects the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian axis, which is the hormonal feedback loop. An average dosage of ChasteTree is 1000 mg daily.

Lifestyle: This includes cleaning and arranging your environment, exercise, weight management, and stress reduction.

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