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Show Info: It's yet another season of intellectual discussion about poo-flinging apes and googly-eyed monstrosities. Yes, the Kongversation was a minor enough celebrity to survive 2016! Join the staff of DK Vine in 2017 as they continue their mission to be utterly pointless. Last year turned out to be something of a holding pattern for our beloved shared universe, but this year will be anything but. With confirmed releases for both Yooka-Laylee and the Nintendo Switch (and Sea of Thieves sailing not long behind), it'll be one of the most robust times ever experienced in the Donkey Kong Universe. Adding to that, we'll indulge in our usual penchant for nostalgic wankery as we continue to look back at the last 23 years since the original Donkey Kong Country. There's never been a better time to listen! © 2017 File Two Productions. Photos © Aleksandar Mijatovic / 123RF Stock Photo and © Konstantin Kamenetskiy / 123RF Stock Photo.

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