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To paraphrase Milton Friedman, one of the major arguments against freedom is that it gives the people precisely what they want, instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against freedom is a lack of belief in freedom itself. This is the current state of American politics. Neither party trusts the American people enough to make their own decisions. Neither party respects or adheres to the Constitution, the supposed supreme law of the land. To sum it up, neither party really believes in freedom. The mission of the Unallowable Opinion podcast is to promote the ideas of Liberty for all, instead of liberties for some, granted by a certain partisan ideology. Our purpose is to demonstrate how a philosophy of Liberty benefits the individual and the nation as a whole. We aim to expose the fallacy that government intervention will solve all of our problems and instead show how libertarian principles can be the solution to the issues we face. Now is the time for Liberty lovers to act. The government is bigger and more powerful than it has ever been and the loss of Liberty is astounding. The American citizenry is becoming more and more disillusioned with the two party system, and they are looking for an alternative to the same big government policies of both parties. The alternative is Liberty, and it is our duty to show them why.Read more »

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