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Want to learn the formula, the map and the tools to make your life something you love? What about learning those things while enjoying laughter and humor? Keep reading... Bryce Prescott is a professional performance and mindset coach. His business and work has been to assist entrepreneurs, business and sales professionals and coaches to learn how to re-program their inner-critic and create the type of success that they’ve always dreamed. While achieving that goal, something happened. He discovered stand-up comedy. Since that time everything that Bryce does incorporates the power of laughter and humor to both entertain and teach you. Some of the episodes of this podcast are the equivalent of a keynote speech teaching you mindsets, skill sets and habits toward your most impactful life with an invite to seek him out to work with him. Others are his ramblings about pop culture, things he finds funny and other entertaining aspects of his life in suburban Salt Lake City, UT. Some episodes are a combination of both.. And all are worth your listen for the value they provide you. Bryce has spent the last twenty years in self development industry; learning the methods that create real transformation in his life and the life of his clients. He extends an invitation for you to work toward your best life and a chance to shed your worries and laugh at the way our lives are at times. This podcast is a teaching tool to learn from his experiences. It teaches you the principles that when applied make your life and business better. And for the record, it’s not some out of touch take on success. Bryce’s ideas were born in the trenches; he achieved massive real estate success that was then followed by bankruptcy, divorce, cancer and today he enjoys his time as a successful performance coach and up-and-coming comic. It’s also not some stuffy podcast that preaches to you about how bad you are at life looking to shame you into doing better. The Bryce Prescott Show is Bryce giving insight, highlighting inconsistencies and correcting the wrongs he sees. Offering value and coaching when it’s best, commentary and laughs when it’s needed. So, for a mix of laughs, commentary and inspiration subscribe and enjoy the ride.Read more »

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