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Destin and Cory have been involved in Critical thinking and skeptic based podcasting since 2013. Destin is a co-host of Cory's show; The Brainstorm Podcast. Now the roles are reversed. Cory is co-hosting Destin's show; Positively Skeptical. This show idea came about when we noticed that most of us just dismiss or ridicule false claims and the claimants that make these claims. We do the research at home or at work, and by the time we get to talking about it on the shows, we are not interested in explaining the false logic or ignorance that created these claims. We aren't interested in going through the sources that we already trudged through to debunk claims. We just want to say they are false, make fun of them and move on. This show changes that. We are committing to bringing you a show that will go down the rabbit holes of claims that are based on pseudoscience, ignorance or just plain crazy ideas. We will bring forward the evidence of each claim, debunk them with the best knowledge available on the subjects. We will list our sources for both and show the work. We hope to eventually interview specialists in the fields associated with each claim. What we ultimately hope to achieve is a collection of works that contain refutations and evidence that debunks these claims. Each episode will be between 30 and 45 minutes. We will do our best to bring you the information in a positive and concise manner, with some off the cuff humor of course. Please join us.Read more »

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