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There are very few things that impact every person in the world – however, the real estate market is one of them. For some, real estate is the key to their wealth. For many, real estate is the place that they call home – whether they own or rent. Shelter is a basic human need, and in the 21st Century, our local real estate market provides us with the solution for this need. If our local real estate market impacts every single one of us, then why is it that most lack the basic fundamentals of how it works? The answer to that is not so clear. Regardless, The Boston Real Estate Journal seeks to provide it’s readers with the knowledge to analyze and understand their local real estate market, whether you are in Boston(like us), or on the complete opposite side of the United States. The basic principles of real estate apply to every city and town in the United States. Learn these basics, and you will make better decisions in your life. Master these basics, and you can make a great living: whether you are a real estate investor, agent, mortgage broker, etc. Who We Are The writers at the Boston Real Estate Journal consist of local real estate experts involved in the development and sales of real estate in the Greater Boston Area. We have been involved in 1000s of transactions combined spanning the past 5 decades. Our expertise will provide the basics of the content for the site. We will also provide content from other experts in specific facets of real estate. The goal is to give a mix of what we see locally, and what is going on across the nation. We hope you enjoy our site, but more importantly use it to make better decisions for yourself and your family.Read more »

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