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Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Realtor... a long list of other titles and descriptions... and Landlord! Welcome to the "... and Landlord" Podcast - with Jonathan Taylor ("J.T.") Smith... Following a roadmap to financial Freedom through residential rental real estate. Here you'll learn how adding "... and Landlord" to the litany of titles and descriptions that speak to who you are and what you do may be the greatest opportunity to achieve financial freedom available to the average person today. Where someone else pays the bills (the Tenant) and someone else provides 80% or more of the money (the Bank) and where you get 100% of the cash-flow, all future appreciation and the tax benefits. All on an asset that's insured against loss, and that cannot be worth ZERO short of an Alien Invasion or the Zombie Apocalypse, ultimately resulting in a FREE HOUSE for YOU (the Landlord) - that will kick out cash-flow for the rest of your life and beyond! You try getting any of that from the stock market or your 401K. So be all that you are... and Landlord! No? Scared? Name for me another asset where you can get a low interest 30-year loan for 80% (or more) of the purchase price of that asset, but still get the benefits of being 100% owner. And for which you can get cheap insurance on that asset protecting against losses, including fire, theft, natural disasters, etc... Yet you get 100% of future value appreciation and all of the tax benefits, including mortgage interest deduction, and deduction of rehab / repair and operating expenses, plus phantom deductions like depreciation. All while having everything paid by the Tenant!? But when many people think of Landlords, they may think "Slum-Lord", so it seems Landlords have an image problem. Worse still, many who have considered becoming a Landlord think they'll get calls from Tenants at 2AM reporting their toilet overflowing; or they'll have to fight to collect rent each month... Well, if you're getting calls from Tenants at 2AM or you're fighting to collect rent - YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG! So I'm here to tell you WHY you should be and HOW to become and SUCCEED as a Landlord - how to do it right, so that it builds your wealth and enhances your life (not the other way around). Done right, you'll avoid the stereotypes and problem Tenants while acquiring great cash-flow positive / appreciating properties and have systems, policies and a team in place that will make it all run smoothly - as a business. Real Estate has.Read more »

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