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Everyone thinks it, no one ever wants to say it. Well, guess what? I'm that woman. I'm the woman that if you ask, expect the answer. Want it filtered to your desired taste of sweetness, not gonna happen here. But if what you want is direct answers (that are not endoresed by any DOCTOR OF ANY KIND) are the things I would say or do. It is highly recommended that you don't try this at home, if you have any shred of hope of keeping your sanity. Behaviors such as these could cause the loss of ones, spouse, partner, family, friends, job, apartment, home, health club, bowling alley. And the last one will rock your world. NO STORE WILL ALLOW YOU ACCESS TO THEIR MERCHANDISE EITHER IN PERSON OR ONOLINE!!! ****this is an absoute lie I just made it up.*** So anyway--the more you listen the better I look. I get better time slots and more time. And the more I drink, the better I get, or not, depending on what you think. Don't be shy, you know you want to listen!Read more »

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