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We are Amanda Conrad and Molly Trucano and we started a podcast about all the things that might be killing us. We hear in the news, on Facebook, inside clickbait articles, and from our own quirky circle of yogis, alternative healers, and health coaches that literally everything is killing us or environment. But is it really? Or are we all just falling victim to scare tactics? And if everything really is killing us, what can we actually do about it? Through this show we try to bring some balance and sanity to the conversation. We can't take everything as fact, otherwise we'd have to go live in a cave without any modern resources--and that would really be insane. Twice a month we'll investigate the myths and claims about some common everyday products that we hear might be killing us. Things like GMOs, insect repellent, skincare and beauty products, cell phones, tampons, fast fashion, food coloring, etc, etc. We'll try to separate the facts from the fallacies--and hopefully not go crazy in the meantime. Disclaimer: We are not professionals. We are not scientists or doctors, or nutritionists, or health coaches, or anything other than just two women who tend to have a bit of Chicken Little attitude. All the research we do is from talking to people and what we can dig up on the Internet. We welcome your questions. And if you know more about this stuff than we do, please share! Note: We don't make a dime off this project. If we recommend a brand or product or company, it's because we have done the research or used it ourselves and give it our little stamp of approval.Read more »

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