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Avishai El is the host of Avi Unfiltered. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Raw Food Educator, and Lifestyle Expert. She helps women get their energy back, get rid of stress, and drop the pounds through nutrition and lifestyle changes without sacrificing their food favorites and authenticity. This podcast is NOT I repeat NOT for the faint of heart or for the virgin ears, as it is EXTREMELY explicit and blunt. She is super passionate about people and wants to give people a voice. She says what you may be thinking but won't say. Each week she will be covering mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. They cannot be separated. She shares tips that target each aspect encouraging each individual person to live a lifestyle of wholeness. She will also be bringing on guests who are top holistic health and wellness experts and/or spiritual healers. Where there is wholeness there is holistic. We as people are constantly healing because there is heal in healthy. There is always healing to do and that is the beauty of life. There are constant levels to wholeness. Living a normal life is boring. Being careful and caring what everyone thinks is exhausting. Following societal norms takes away from individuality. We are all different and we should embrace those differences. Each week she will be helping you see the beauty within your own uniqueness through personal experiences. She will also be motivating you to take control of your overall health and educating on a variety of health and wellness topics. New shows EVERY Tuesday!!! www.avishaiel.com/podcast/ Subscribe to Newsletter: www.avishaiel.com/subscribe/  Instagram: @aviunfiltered Holistic Health Coaching www.avishaiel.com/coaching/ Speaking Engagements: avispeaking@gmail.com.Read more »

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