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Join us for the podcast Apollonian Transmission, featuring co-hosts author Mark Brahmin and author and Arktos Editor-in-Chief John Bruce Leonard. The topic is the use and appearance of encoded messages in myth, propaganda, art and Religion for the purposes of “Racial Esoteric Moralization.” In this series, Brahmin and Leonard will be looking at contemporary films and other contemporary texts, where it is evident an ancient, deeper, “shared symbolism” is being drawn upon to develop “Racial Esoteric Moralization” and, especially, “Jewish Esoteric Moralization.” This podcast is a companion series, where cohosts will apply and consider a cultivated understanding of myth and symbolism developed in a series on the topic authored by Brahmin and published through Arktos: “REM: Racial Esoteric Moralization.” These books will treat the phenomenon of Racial Esoteric Moralization appearing in art, myth, religion and propaganda through the span of human history, from Sumer to the latest Steven Spielberg film. Here we understand myth and religion, particularly in its salient and abiding forms, as frequently, consciously developed for the purposes of moralizing one’s in-group rather than forming from what Jung described as “the collective unconscious.” Nowhere, Brahmin argues, is this tendency and ability to develop moralizing myth more developed than among Jews and proto-Jews. And yet myth, religion and art is “mating song”, directs breeding. Hence it is “all important.” It cannot be neglected but rather mastered toward our ends as it was, with various degrees of success, in the Apollo, Mars and Jupiter Cults. You will not want to miss this series. As a demoralization and stagnation of ideas set in elsewhere, like a subtle rigor mortis, this is 3.0. The accurate, intelligent and sober explication and understanding of myth, symbol and esoteric messaging is “Apollonian Transmission.” Advisory warning: The ideas discussed in this podcast will be controversial as it concerns Christianity and our understanding of European mythology and culture more broadly. This discussion occurs because it is a necessary discussion for understanding the value, purpose and “best practices,” as it concerns the development and use of Religion, Myth, Art and Propaganda. Lastly, it should be stressed, the producers of the podcast, to a man, hold a deep, abiding and unflagging love for all European peoples, whatever Religious view they hold or, however.Read more »

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