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Episode Info: I'm talking like four or five in the morning but not the pop come bokeh chin upset I'll be like well you know what I have to deal with these I'm not well my purpose can do I can do so it was one of those I was kind of into fitness I love this site %HESITATION you know it was just something not quite a spider that was kind of my hobby six seven anybody want to define me that black medicine that you know some easy you could lose mate was actually if it was anybody's wedding at resume da she's in the gym fast to erect cock it was kinda like yeah so that was my karma sentries and I kind of looked at and that's something that nobody can ever take away from you that's kind of my hobby or sign away have confiscated and that's kind of my place where I kind of got it because she had so I remember when I was quite young I said to my dad %HESITATION okay so my dad kinda has become I'm not a job I think is amazing %HESITATION as I was almost on the of how the simple and this is why I'm gonna go out but a how to guide because of my family members and my that's where three years ago okay so I'm thinking of going into fitness I'm my dot com I mean it was not very much in those days it was it not for nation gal to go in the gym I'm my document okay so you guys but if you're serious about it do it you can always talked about that goes just also try on you know you education what you wanted to as I'm still gonna do my degrees and still gonna do Michael sees but this is something I think crime I want to do I think he's got a long way my dad goes well okay if you're gonna do that coach of the boys want to kill kill can do I don't remember that twenty three a and %HESITATION I wait Todd I did I literally I kinda tried with a lot of amazing he fitness guru sensible on these guys eighteen took me into the reading told me what I needed to I mean again I answered I might be a very very strong sweetness lament %HESITATION and I appreciate all the support of out of the twenty three as a lobbyist and knocks me but a lot of people supported me %HESITATION you know the kind of open the doors and I'm so grateful for every possible I hot I'll buy you know what you'd be shocked I'm actually so great for the people that not me as every not box made me the strong I need to get out tonight so I'm actually quite thankful because it made me who I am so twenty three S. I kind of did a lot of cool seats I come to train with a lot of amazing people are rex I love the jeans I %HESITATION I would say %HESITATION I'm a child accounts and I lost which counsel a motivational speaker on the minute you stop you can construct on the beach body coach and %HESITATION instructs out the insanity it's my favorite blackout locating everybody I say I'm I'm one of those guys which writing is located okay if you're breathing on the floor I'll check to see if we give you some more about how you got a free shot back out %HESITATION so whatever levy getting the results if you're not gonna put the effort in so I'm also part of and six in the city which is a famous London team which is for about four just saying is if I somebody does and and support minus lies so %HESITATION I'm part of it and he's under that is old he's my inspiration and I think if he can do that I can do that so I'm part bees at ready Tina team as well I went to Luxembourg recently on the thirty first of may represent quite Brett I represent six in the seat with my team represent T. Asian women represent to date at my religion my committee amazing running sixteen thousand people it was over twenty eight degrees it was the hardest thing of my life but what I kept thinking these and after you've got to grab the medals you need not just one because we went through into faith which is a run for world peace I all the nations and all the coaches come to get it was a fascinating to learn about different cultures I kind of fun I was so interested in not I met so many different people from different countries as well and we went to represent season I want to come back and it's funny the amazing thing all I kept thinking about it he hit sixteen thousand people you sort of collapsing but I can't think his rent out you gotta get these looks about minimum because when you get the swan you'll get the interfaith while which means that you represented %HESITATION I would because I was used in the U. K. I caught fire I don't fight it write it to me I believe in up to a point where I don't make the mistake get up and do it again so I do the I. five O. several times in life but I got up go up and did it again but when I'm excited when you give up before you even tried and you can't do that so if the website and I count I'm not I'm not like happen every always how to never be I don't believe in that's too bad I was nothing you can't do in life it's not really the tensions in your life you can be what ever you want to be and I fixed it twenty three S. amaze it might break K. after twenty yet %HESITATION I introducing sounded to to move on someone to hold on to James it can be expressed in stock it came in the Asian newspaper and next minute the radio shows a ringing me up %HESITATION and then expect somebody okay to beat the comics playing exactly what I've done or not you need to come on the show a wreck everything is nice and I hot how did a couple of obviously because I've been working alongside a remote clients %HESITATION base it went on the show with a couple of out of state and I thought that was like oh my god what what Jerry just think how this might of us next in a live interview went to Europe became one of the most famous Asian gals I'd be on Asian boys twenty three years ago so what Asian boys could it today in the gym it was as you go on the show to ask how they came one of the most famous Asian gals %HESITATION and to go with the most qualifications sigh I have my fish out and ate it comes up %HESITATION I recalled on Wednesday said it show in Asian community on by seven seven one %HESITATION every sat at one thirty and you know what it's so shocking I recorded but I never watch it I don't like the box was not I don't know why I DO nobody's when I look back on it because I criticized offsite knowledge which is get criticism is good but I know I could have them back so I know if I don't watch it I know I made mistakes I'm not I'll do better next time some very critical about myself if you can take criticism be quick critical by itself and take criticism from other people may choose from the past so you know I've kind of done quite a lot of a lot on %HESITATION and then after that %HESITATION unlock doors of life and %HESITATION again I went to see doctor that came back and beat up on a lot of Asian shows %HESITATION I've been to speak for a lot of and so the S. I train about celebrities newsreaders models %HESITATION you know you have the American weight loss %HESITATION so I I do a U. K. version of the song yeah I've had a lot of sounds stories last about a year ago %HESITATION she was twenty twenty five and we ship on a lot right and I mean that was quite a lot she went to a doctor and I talked to said we're not going to Saudi Arabia to say so he goes you need to do so by although I should have gone to see a family you're not you're not gonna see nobody at that point okay because I'm a qualified counsellor she came to me for accounts and she cried as she was made up I'm a Die because I talked to tell me a minute docks so what what support do you talk to and she goes well okay just said on the city's right unless I log in it shows what you offer not just being told him in a tight in your life you know it's not you do not I met some training I was like you know well I will help you through this journey I will get you to that point we will lose the right to get it in a way because the team because I tried alongside my client against on that I don't believe it's under the table motivation starts when you get on the next machine you feel like they did so I chained up and %HESITATION we got down she lost a lot already she then met I love you mom she got married Genovese it was amazing and to go to that wedding when you know it's time to make a speech and told that you know thank you what was life like right that's when you know you're a good passer try as much as I trainees about %HESITATION how many clutch we have the I will control the jeans and then I got twenty thousand I got these I'm not reading I'm like you know what constitutes morning Paul and when my clients good and they got I mean do you know what I'm smiling I feel good I know that I'm a pessimist raise your clients will make you well I'm and I don't know I've always been a strong passing I don't believe in giving up I've never gives I don't I don't believe in that I've always been a strong positive past maybe because of how the support of my family and even now you can show how many people say to make me to give it up you've done enough not you've done so much in your life and I'm not not I haven't it's it's funny I'm not you know what happened in the book well I'm not not that I'm I'm just about to start on the like the you don't twenty three yes I'm not not on what I have in mind today I haven't saw it so these a working on all of that and projects %HESITATION you know some people with disabilities I think everybody has a right to have a chance to trade it doesn't matter what you disabilities you know everybody has the right to feel exactly and I feel good about themselves because training is not about just getting a great body about make you feel good inside I like to make my feet my clients feel good inside and shot it shows on the outside as well fitness is about is about your mind it's about your body and your confidence and I think everybody has a right no matter what ever you disability so I'm I can but a little when I say she's a crime not I have a lot of qualifications welcome to people with disabilities I'm kind of excited to get the ball rolling on the outside the shit and I think they deserve the opportunity %HESITATION I wax or live a U. K. let's not get my chest undead %HESITATION I travel a lot with back depending on when the clients I DO Scott visit and bought yet Scott that cats are too high visits I'm a lot of clients in America %HESITATION yeah basically everywhere and anyway I'm Tom yes I did I don't know I start even now I don't believe in giving up %HESITATION you know after after I've done this with this effort because maybe I thought went today never feel your energy coming through my computer screen right now and I'm I'm say in half as opposed to trying to myself actually and I'm kind of like yes this is the kind of a because this is the kind of person trained about all I would advocate for so I really recommend person trained is not when I went to prison training it was the tree for the happiness of fulfillment to change somebody's life yeah because I know higher losing five change my life I don't care for yeah once T. of numbers I don't I don't necessarily care for the paycheck either it was about instilling that Paris is called to see them really to transform their lives so when you said about how you change that woman's life that was a beautiful story because I've had clients who have come up to me and David you said the best years of their life was the time that they tried to make and sometimes it was not necessarily even the way because it was more about how they felt when they were around me and just that self confidence I was able to give him so I know just from the way you're speaking on the sea you've got to have a lot of experience a lot more than myself that you do that with your clients which is and I've got a list of questions here and I want at least a point someone in real life because your stories fascinated so basically twenty three years in the game now I've been preaching health and fitness fo the best pop eight nine years and the reason I Pratchett is slightly different reason it's it's the fact that I'm just fed up of see people die at around me family friends and eight AM seven and I'm just like why are we not prioritize and a house and it is probably one of the the few a posh is that when I try to work so like on going to depart because not to do you love it I do property investing you are the business is like still keep going back to health so I conversation for another day art your brains because I have some divisions in terms of how we want to disrupt the health sector as well myself and see I think your knowledge would be valuable for that you mentioned no boys Asian boys in the gym at twenty three years ago and that's probably the truth of it because even ten years fifteen years ago when I was at university there was like two guys who actually went to the gym I bet you thought they were weird because while we were too busy drinking vodka and eating kebabs and doing all that crazy exactly that with those ten this is going to the gym you would think it you're wasting unity but straight after university dot such you when I actually started to take my health service in a kind of kick myself in which I went back I also love the lesson that your dad said to you and I think that's a brilliant point go show the boys while I go can do I think that's that's fantastic and it's empowering full any ladies out there who maybe fail that fitness isn't for them it's it's a male thing because it's not it's a passive thing we can also enhance our minds and our bodies and our company history fitness and can you just while we're live on show because I always say this to people not trying to advocate women get into some sort of training can you please dispel the myth that would be able to simply and a reply on the shores think of when the pickle weights I always get a lot of women that come and try and that a lot you're not going to sing I'm not because white pickup more white and got locked out of it that I look at me it's it's you know what it is I think sometimes you listen to so much and you start to believe it you think it's because the guys pick up the right to think what it looks like that it doesn't happen all I am actually I'm really slim but I'm very strong and you can still have a very feminine body still be the most strongest and may think passengers I pick up a lot like and I don't look like a man and I swear I might sound like one teacher is teaching a boxing class and I've called I lost my voice %HESITATION about no you need to mix cardio you need to mix cardio and weights you need to DO resistance wet because about to get one of the most amazing bodies Claudia will make you so lame and skinny the cardio machines and the weight of the dumbbells are the ones that will give you the shape you to combine the two together and I made I say that to every that's my comes at you with a lot we meet on this this week I studies in drama gonna tending to Amman I'm not know why I'm not white he told you that at such and such tell me that I'm not no I always say to my clients that at the end of that I bring my life coach my comes name what is it yeah and I say look into the peace officer making a living you for a while you do pass I tried it but then it teach you how to love yourself once you learn to let me stop you look at this around you you become very inspiring in a meeting and I'm one of those people I don't I think if I find somebody very toxic or negative I don't work that way I woke up sick as I thought about that being a positive passing a wake up the sign right and I and my site I'm always smiling we'll talk only say it's like a speech everybody in the gym I make it my mission to speak to every single pass and in every July and they're going to because you never know when that might need you as sometimes lacking the industry you have to be approachable you have to be at you know kind of friendly towards like you're in the wrong job I have a lot of people come up to me inside so me %HESITATION train is don't smile all you guys could be chest high and I'm like you know what I'm not like that because all I eat if I tell you the %HESITATION just quick story because we sent a in one of the gyms we had a young twenty one year old killed that will say and she sat in the changeover how to Hans covering half iceage was crying I was about to go into each and I remember next poems in towns and I quickly went to change your game on I saw this young gal and I saw this in that with the house kind of light over ice and I was like you okay and she looked up my chest me what did you just ask me how I am and nobody my life has ever asked me about reading I'm not really she does not mean that nobody from my family and my friends have never asked me she was quiet on what you know watch like if you're hot and she does she'll tell me I went no no funny business I'm not like and I kind of broke the ice to start it off I know what you know well what is it you can talk to me I said you know I'm a life coach constructs what you tell me today's confidential BC you have to you know it's confidential she told me to shed its like story because she wants others to realize that you can change your life and she goes we drop I am the bodies and the ladies in the office the grown women with children picking me up because I'm all the way express my head down the toilet wow just not still happen and she was like man dell I get please because I'm over by and she does I I don't like the slight and you can tell this child was depressed and I went okay if I made you a promise I promise you from today and I will change your life I will give you the most amazing body for you I will make you the will meant that nobody will pecan I will turn the tables and make you the most strongest woman if you out with meant she kind of some interest thank you I said no I haven't even done anything yet I was that you don't need to say thank you she was I mean that you're twenty minutes late I'll be T. class I was like these people away you can't and you know what I'll be when I went back to Mel B. T. class they would touch you got me I was not yet ladies get over it but I was I was a child I thought as a child that needed help to that and I'm glad I stop for that child I defy anybody and you know the following day the shop the young gay okay made a call to talk because I'm she's younger she came in to walk me about kind of how it is and she will make chocolate some psych rock festival next to the gym you can bring them in it's not don't give them to each other it's like bringing back he's into that you start it up and she was like this is the US and why I haven't done that she is known to be dating site my like last night I was in that to think right when I got myself together I'm going to do and get as many tablets as I can I'm gonna kill myself she wanted overdoses south and that was the end of it she goes because you gave me a hug and stopped to ask me how was you say my line right I literally cried in the remote site all my god I was like look if I had never stopped which always well I'm not that kind inside for example say somebody did stop I talked with and I did a lot and all because your body because you're overweight I don't like that I think the the council I've dealt with you've been used I deal with eating disorders I deal with cancer patients I do a lot of people and you know what is I do not like please I cannot stop I know nobody does it you know what is in use twenty three S. as accounts and every time there's somebody sitting in my office and that was to help people I'm not about how do you know what people need to stop you need to look at yourself before you pick on somebody else never thought you respect you know what she's all deal with them never because somebody else because it's so wrong and you know what that site when I realize I should I say this child's life so then we started training we got to that point we work with a cast of music to help %HESITATION we've had case she won the case all the people in the office will fight it she's not the assistant managing the office with the most amazing body she loves to sell she has she has a new team of people or young so inspiring and she does not you size model she comes in the jeep and the funny thing is every time I see yes that you're looking very sexy she does you know I look at you guys nobody to tell me and I waited a long time for that you don't tell me about a one point two Charles ones and a lot of shops every time we see out she's or why he's kind of like me that you know what sexy I'm not yet I waited a long time for that this is what I'm saying always make you job say hello to everybody I I deliveries to it because you never know it's only because she knew that I always approach anybody she was I mean it you know thank you so that's why I'm signed up being in the industry isn't just about being a past which right now and I yeah you know it's not that many clients it's about looking after these people carry you gotta be carried these people even if it's not your client you always got to be supported why he's giving everybody a comp you Max these guys will come easy sometimes I see people saying that I'm not you okay no doubt about that coming this summer job I do that I would do for anybody because I see like these my family went to the gym I'd want the site site support from my family you gotta be that for everybody likes to show it so precious you can't discriminate and I think a lot of I recently you know had a lot of comments from a lot of public in the gym and I can sight not even on small yes I'm trying to start small don't talk to us I'm not I'm not I talk to you much you know me I did I think that's why my life coach at a motivational speech it's a kind of good quality to have people or why he cites made when he talked about I'm not thank you for the compliment I never take anything top because you know what everything has a meaning if you tell me it's not so much I'm not thank you I read a note that's why I became a motivational speaker I'd somebody you said you you need to stop what you're doing don't do you modify it you've got enough matter I know with that comment came from it comes from a good place so I'm not roll you know what then you sit back and you think you know what you have issues but they're not my problem you know to me so I I don't give up no matter how many times and like I said twenty three is a long time to be knocked down and knocked down several times on you know what I was right now if you guys can do these I can do that I'll just because I'm Asian Gil doesn't matter who you are it doesn't matter what religion doesn't my what culture if you're a man or woman never give up because you know what thanks to shore you can be what ever you want somebody says you you can't do it you know what to think sit back and think to yourself why can't you can't you know maybe I'll be lucky because of how to support my family but that's become like my manager at the moment my dot you truly will all go up to exit out what you think about this project I've been often these days my doctor now so we will yeah I'm a god is amazing yes I was late and I don't think a lot of people have that support I know it's hard but you know what never give up because you look back and regret it I do a lot of people I'm not you know what what did you want to be you know you that conversation when you're young in the greatest advising us what would you like to be when you grow up about the conversation with a lot of people in the gym and they're not I want to do this but I never did I'm not whites all is just get a fighting I'm not reading out it's never too late to try it you know these people try to you know what thank you I try and help everybody as much as I can I don't I don't believe in giving up I I just think small goes a long way it's funny the most powerful thing I have and I always see like these must must be the most powerful thing that somebody nobody could ever take away from me because that's something that makes me who I am and I saved a life as for a lot of people %HESITATION so yeah I am also thankful to god I say my parents taught me but you know what the end of the day I always state right to go out and say thank you for your help I I'm happy and you know every good thing the opposite my lot I do I go to the temple thank you as you cannot forget god without doubt there's nobody and that's my that's my you know I've been in about it %HESITATION but a lot of people have helped me over the years and I'm so thankful %HESITATION you know a lot of people still which why not me I'm not you know what there's no way you can knock a strong woman you caught not someone who knows if they going on just love that so it gained under point someone up on a kind of put out of this if I may basically I just wanna say obviously there was %HESITATION the whole support network which you've been fortunate to have for anyone who doesn't have a support network I think we definitely need to look at the only two people like yourselves to the new windows in the vote even myself always try to go out my way to help someone whether it's a phone conversation %HESITATION face to face me up just to try to support people there are genuine you people out there who will take time of the day to help so don't always think that always more moment I don't believe in me thus it my dreams are over because I have to go against the grain on set in decisions in my life and in hindsight I'm so grateful that I just bit the bullet and took those phase out the way because actually turned out okay so definitely recommend people to do that another thing I picked out from you is that I long settled is vibrant and bubbly energy does a person who truly K. as in not a not so you'll be what kept you going as a personal trainer I love that about you because one of the things I resonate with on the is not that's how I felt with my clients I could feel that pain saw was that somebody was always naturally in great shape I was in OK shape our country really bad shape then I got back into shape so I could always kind of empathize what they're going through one of the things that really hurts me to this day so I stopped I actually want to one trading for a long time now and some of my clients have kind of gone back to their old habits Bubsy changing this circle of interest and I didn't really get side when I see them not and I still feel like having invested in that they're a part of me and I always feel like I haven't done much of property that they haven't been able to sustain it and even to this day does does does somebody got to listen to the shows the public knows you're talking about it would mean the world for me to see him go back to how we used to be because there's so much potential there by gay like to kiss don is the G. about taking that motivation I think especially when you've done it once so really you cannot speak from experience you've been day you've had these holidays for some people that may be having how did this difficult all I know just quickly going back to my place here he's been there he shape and this is for anyone one if you've been there yourself or to it to somebody else has been there in the world that shows you as possible yeah that's what it sort of I I and I'm gonna say great now that because I am curious how you've got so much energy now I have a lot of energy for about eight hours of the day yeah I saw that you so I'm not sure interpret surprisingly enough Lafayette suffered a lot shyness in his eye and a lot of the times somebody was smart on the wall would have to do with our small part it's the new look at the floor so it looks like on boarding up when I was never avoided a prose too shy to actually made that quite content I'll change nine but what I want to know is one obviously how you keep descended yet because I'm sure we could all do with that top of this if if it's available but what's your what's your daily routine from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep at night you know what festival going back to the top of it it is no trouble only is basically I don't believe in giving up I think you get once make the most of your life and like you said you see in a lot of people also let him you know what we see I've got loads of close friends who passed away I have a lot of kinds includes kinds of patients who passed away and that broke my heart you realize that you know wall you could be here today and gone tomorrow you gotta make the most of your life so you can do it I would say to everybody I'm gonna go as far as I can tell all I think that's you know but it's never going to be you know I'm so for me I don't know I wake up in the morning I kind of lie I don't know I kind of hate to go I wish you a lot people like you don't know religious but where does he said you have to look religious ready to go out I thank god a one to one basis that's my relationship with my car I wake up I pray to god I'm not quite a gives me not strong motivation I'm not right I'm ready for the day I do not like this all right above the pass and so there's nothing in your diet that gives you this expect that healthy you know I have breakfast and then you should be all a lot of the men make the mistake of mixing me wasn't thinking that get the most amazing body it it doesn't lock you need to be having breakfast let's do not to knock and I make it why is housewife who died too much I have a daughter with me so make sure that I he take exactly I'm eating healthy I do have a treat every so often I mean a lot people think that you cannot you have to live that life if you're on a diet no I have everything keep modulation I have all the treats I want I have everything I don't even give up two parties I love to buy these and I can't give up my house basically so I eat very healthy throughout the day %HESITATION if I feel like I need something I'll have it I don't give up I still have everything in moderation well my attitude I don't know what she can do because I think what it is for me twenty three years of being knocked out every not bad made me strong ago so and it made me realize wow that's a very very negative press people in the cell and then I realize I mean the right job because that's how spent the house well he was a speaker at an event a couple weeks ago and you know talk about mental health and fitness actually does help out in the press that is all a T. depression anything can align fit ness releases endorphins as you know you know when you're training it releases a stress you need to be in that gym because of the sea a lot of people think hi consoles that will not solve the problem and I don't know I always just I'm just always been a positive but I'm not signed everything goes cafe in my life and every day he's not going to I hop but they sometimes but you know how I analyze it %HESITATION well you know what what was a bad day something goes wrong I'm not okay eat on working on a project and to go through I'm not okay it was not meant it wasn't meant for me yeah it's a great job thank you think you know what I cried about it what are you going to do so I went somebody a long time ago and he gave me this advice you guys if that's something physical in your hand you can change change it to that %HESITATION physical why you gonna cry stress yourself and make yourself go about it so I always remember the I'm not was one of the managers when working in accounting he was with me and he goes to minimum dot remember this for the rest of your life and I don't remember the name of the yes and I think to myself you know some truth so if I got a project and it wasn't meant for me I'm not allowed you know well what can I do next it pushes me even more motivates me more to read something else so I don't believe in giving up yet nice not all right perfect and probably some of the most likely I'm always slightly outside I'm joking I love the mall %HESITATION jokes how for the timing of the loss of the drugs and all you crave these jokes my clients and they look at me like media craze yeah but you know what so why do nobody any hawk how will be passed always happy because maybe like I said he knocked for twenty three years is a long time of being knocked down and every not back made me a stronger Gail I thought how did you knock me like all right for example hi %HESITATION couple of em yes I got I want to do that we and that was the show when it was that kind of life coaching and I said to the guy a BC which I like to come right and he goes yeah once a month it was like like coming his stage I'm on a story is about and he was a light blue at that point he sold the skills quite strong she comes on this day she's going to overtake my shop and actually he's thinking was wrong I want to I each collaborate and become the most powerful people on stage he think that fall so he %HESITATION inside the box no onsite and go head to make you show even better than what it was and he goes no thank you not this time most about and at that point I was let me go it was like wow these he won't let me on stage some all night and then be analyzed each the fact he had beat almost social media page check out get not skills to awful looking at that stage and this website sometimes people take it the wrong way so he let me on and the following week find another way and ended up on somebody else's show so that even came about absolutely this is one size something's not meant for you you're not meant to work with people and I thought wow I didn't know I thought I did shoot and I'm like that's right presents what weight I. light weight can be strong motivational inspiring people support not not cute if they're gonna not me I don't know what could that you know me and but I will never lack connect to people if you're gonna not me I will never record I twenty three years of the Knox noble so now I'm one of those people if you come across as quite negative and toxic and you find me intimidate eight then I won't work but I'm not intimidated passable humble guilt you have to wear at twenty three Hodges my dad the Eiffel Michaels is my dad said to me if I give you the money for each course he goes you will never understand the meaning of money so all right well I do not invested in my old cell I tried this leads many not get from that are the best in the next calls on the next all my equipment and I built my business like that I have that much equipment in every location on like art I don't even know what else is wrong %HESITATION I'm a very very down to earth pass and sometimes it looks deep I look at your yes my stuck up I'm not that kind of because I could be still call even if I tried I'm a very humble down to as Asian funny GTO that's what I am and somebody comes up to me is that he just well I will give you a hundred ten percent I'm not that kind of pass it even if it's something I can help you with I will find a way to help you will recommend you to the right people I don't believe in giving up and I don't even know how I help every single president no matter what it is even if it out my compass %HESITATION I will go out of my way to help you spend thank you you know what your battery's five eight that is the first time it's five you have such a positive vibe about you you come across a might be so much of may and okay so I don't I have twenty three as your age at you to me it sounds equals may decide well I because I love that's not to say I love the motivation I love what you're doing I mean these podcasts I'm like all my god how to make that this man has done so much and trying to get the people to help people and I look for thank you so much for that all that's there is something that really hit a note with yes please when you said that guy who was afraid of you coming on the shelf not if I have to you almost kind of from the outside look at yourself and look at me way completely different in terms of your very energetic and very it wears I'm quiet and more I suppose I quit laid back no delays because it sounds better one thing that actually excites me is the %HESITATION I'm sitting here thinking I need to come up with this person on something something to change people's lives because we always get exactly the same thing also you know amazing exactly and I don't have the space to mourn set off %HESITATION death and I'm trying to because at the end of the day what's going to happen is say for instance we were on stage you're gonna get X. amount of people are gonna resonate with you better there's gonna be except for we have our own or just put together what you're doing that you're talking to a much wider audience and always believe that we should always try to have the abundance mind set because it how many times you kind and we have the same values and ethics because %HESITATION what I'm hearing from you is your cat for the people or your stories relate back to how you've helped somebody at an absolutely loved and that's pretty much it meet in a chat well I've had a lot of like I said because we're trying to see the not wet creek I when I go trying to clients and redox you out too much experience what we've already got this online white which is always out you guys exactly equal survey SO training like you said it's not about just having someone clients are not only I say that to anybody I'm like you know what all I'm not suitable for you guys you know there's so many amazing people out that only difference Whitney's I train alongside my clients if I had and the thing because I think I will get with every single machine these people because I want to make you feel special that time I'm a very professional training when I train my clients will be safe I don't talk I speak to anybody in the gym but when I'm trying to my clients my focus is on my client that one out of spending with these people is my focus if somebody comes at the height of the dot I just put my hand up and not say you will not get comes out to meet us my client is a mostly pound hello that said it not Rick for me because I have paid for that time they want they want the results all you don't believe in easy back out I'm kind of like a killing machine if you guys come to my class you got a couch eating out you had a good workout I have a lot of my clients who would text me let me go read out you killed me I cannot sit on the toilet skis I can't get it to bet on coffee I mean I %HESITATION and I'm like I spun off and locked and then not your marble I'm not no give me a couple of days your ring me back in your blood you know I feel good they do he's on site sometimes people don't understand what has some training for me that's what I need overruled is about clearing your mind yeah I did shoot your confidence shuttle lifestyle and it's about mental health it will bring that everything for you it's not just about getting amazing party SO training for me is it not as a Chinese I will make you feel good insight and I she stopped to lead to love what you have on your side everything went yeah if your happy yeah how do you approach to the people how you have conversations I will be even more policy I said you will attract positive people you been positive I think not our whole and you know me but I did find a lot because we train is Connie using the same technique a lot of hassles like this I've come across I'm not saying this some amazing people that yeah %HESITATION but I'm I'm just talking about I see you on it they always need they know that I'm talking about it hello and I would bet you that nobody's okay I know but I'm saying sometimes it's just about training and I was over there good bye see you later bye let's see now it's just the training is not the personal side and the personal size that's the most important thing social key I'm like wow sorry and I'm so can somebody recently I like I said someone may ask train is out there the amazing talented people I'm talking about Pacific for them on the talent that I believe it should be mentioned and he was like yeah whatever so he was so he's going to hear it basically yeah it is watching you guys okay I was on the back catch it about yeah that's all I thought well I think people like that and this isn't to kind of light what people are now allowed speak up I think it's a bit like you know when people go for normal job just hate their job where as some people genuinely love that job so when I was in person training I actually Jan you need is love being there where is the whole approach of all my god the times of hall five when I was in corporate I couldn't wait to leave the office off I sent like kind of I can relate to them so what I would probably suggest to those people is is personal training actually for you because it isn't as easy as let me ride Jim plan and then I stand there and kind of the reps it's a fight physically it takes a lot of energy it takes a lot of mental energy takes about physical energy especially if you get involved yourself is off and you have to be a hundred percent committed to changing that pisses life used the truly invested in your services so I always think when people celebs can become a best trying to because that they have that you can make the for your wife of about a month I'm like you you're going into it for the wrong reasons is going to be this will be something intrinsic within you that Jen you want to see people change if that makes sense so I thought it ready for me when I mean it's SO tried it wasn't about the money just Soviet and everybody was like well you know how much you can and I was like no I'm gonna help you I mean if you want the twenty eight I love helping people even when I was younger I always being back having like and I'm like if I can help somebody if you put a body %HESITATION and they would like would you not you don't want to know what you have right now that will come and then he went to get away about but if you call me the view that I'm gonna put you on hole it's it's a wrong way to think up yes you've got to be paid I understand not that you know what you have to care about what's his what's right able and you cannot just out I'm self catch you later yeah I think the key and this is kind of more why trying tell people is find something not one of the C. makes you happy yeah makes you for failed and then the money itself you know come from some place people tasted the opposite way they're going for the money that the fed up with the %HESITATION than the one copy and I'm not switch that around the only problem is is when we do it probably our way as I'm sure you can you can test of this when I first life has tried it wasn't any more money than their previous jobs I was doing but I was enjoying it obviously for which the whole nine I was he would be fine but I didn't have the energy especially when I started it was I do a session and then up to maybe another one that I need a break and it's difficult it's tiring which is why I find you inspiring in terms of you seem to have this consistent headed yet again we're gonna find out how to put in a bottle cause gonna sell it should make the money but I have yeah it's a brilliant thing and I just wanted to touch on just before we move on to the next question one other important thing that you touched on to anyone hearing this story now you seen somebody he seems very confident who is confident he's very great at what they do but they also mentioned something really important and that was that you have bad days I'm not something always trying to help people that don't always look at what you see on social media and I assume the everyone's having this perfect lifestyle because I'm in the day it's very rare somebody's gonna think or do you know what I'll just post my shit and social media so it's refreshing to hear that you have these bad days but he's already absolutely if somebody says that they've never had a bad day they lying if somebody is ever if somebody can put their hand up and say never been depressed they line up is made the number one thing is I teach everybody I guarantee you that has %HESITATION fruit something in the lot doesn't matter the most successful people in the world hot hot times like that you make sure you meant if you've never been through it the line you know me I know everybody I hop so amazing successful people that I train it'll be for it but you know what that's made in the past and they all decide what that's like but it's how you deal with that you can either cut up and the lights are out or do something about it and I'm one of those people like if a project goes wrong %HESITATION something goes wrong you know what that's okay to shop for you know we're gonna find another I mean she can I find the whole to do anything %HESITATION and I get in that way and that got kind of like yeah I don't believe in giving up there's always a way to get into something that you wanted to on our love dot it's about people some people don't want sexy you be shocked how many people are waiting for me to file even now I I have so many people have supported me over the edge from amazing trainer is to is to is to solve many people bought is also a handful of people who don't want me to succeed and Molly you know my comment to these people is you know what there's no way you can not me you know to me so how can you not somebody who doesn't even given up yeah call but it would be nice to see more people like me more like you sell inspired beat you know helping out community and let people know that the all people that will support you anybody anybody sends me a message and we don't want to get into these old my clientele is not very good what can I do I will go out of my way to help you to make you the best because he wrote motos that's what it's about making you guys even better hi yeah read read different personalities I suppose in the us up enough I as I exactly the same but there is a lot of people in the world you don't like that and they want to see people do well and is a pretty cold I want to see do well but never as good as them I cannot get the I think it's a sketch to mine so I think we need to be in a place of abundance in terms of support as many people as you possibly can because the more people you support the more support in retrospect you'll get yourself is all and that's how I can move quicker in the road so I I love that you do that I suppose what we're trying to do is almost fine collapse people's Janie's because we've got the eight years of experience that ideally it would be great if not we have to go through the years to get to where we are not loved not within the first year maybe two years so %HESITATION it's it's brand well my med like I said I'm a mental for young students who want to get into fitness I'm sorry well I am trying to do you kind of hit on the night trying to get take the twenty three yes these people that anyone it is less than twenty three yes I want these guys to be the best because that reflects on you if you make a bet then you I don't wanna needs today we have all models to these young says and I'm not sure if you guys want to be back you want to be better than me and you like it was like now I don't think that then you got my note reading I'm gonna make you better yeah as if I make you better than me you have done I don't what I needed today and you'll the next role model if you were the next strong guilt you're the next one next and you know what we've done it we stock eat the bulls already %HESITATION you know and all I see everything because the tricks of the trade I mean every project I wanna come on all you will share that with everybody I need to tell you guys why I did this but how about how bout these the cat hobby to divest background behind you we define quality is like I said I'm a life coach got some motivational aside many different qualifications make you a very strong now I have a lot of qualifications in my hand I actually have the molds qualifications %HESITATION and that's why I ended up with my shop that's because I don't believe in giving up even now when I finish one project among the next I never stopped and I don't know maybe that's why I'm really bubbly all the time I'm not right next challenge although not next what what I'm doing to myself up to that point where I have everything in one hand so it makes you the most strongest possible Gail in the west Midlands and that's why in the world at the minute I'm thinking that's a three nine it's on the anything people out there out sick makes it but there's no reason why you call be the you know the face of the world and I think with your enthusiasm and with your knowledge and stuff you should definitely try and obviously I mean not right away you know I would love to work with you and see if %HESITATION you know obviously everybody sneaks into this you are amazing thanks much I would love to collaborate with you you come across as for me you said yes to me doesn't seem like a guesstimate site you're exactly the same as me and I'm not up on the web these press and you have the energy you have to drive you have the passion and you want to do good for these people I'm not I would love to it is in on it so it could be just me we're definitely not on the station could you also touched on the disabilities is on and one of my siblings and long story short is when they first came they croon walking straight lines and stuff so that to do a lot of %HESITATION patient therapy and one of the things that hit me was they will get in segregated at school and there weren't a lot to pay for what I goals and stuff and you really upset me and one of my passions and it was one of my goals I wrote down and I kick myself because you know how you go through life and the life takes of you get certain things that you you were supposed to do one of my goals is actually to create something for children with autism children with learning difficulties to have the ability to do fitness so you touched on this at the beginning of the episode early trip mate and all of it so I think it's a conversation with obviously take out of this podcast let's make an impact can the globalization's now this yet %HESITATION along projects on the cell because I think everybody from adults to young children have every they should have the same opportunities as everybody else and they should never be said we'll get and it's such a shame that you know that at school especially when such a young age that kind of life separate eat old they cannot take part in an event and I think every child has every right to be part of it is about how they do it yeah I if I can help not just out of those children of the what I needed today that that is the practice of my job so the middle part I'm not you know what yes you know what we'll do a great job with this witness well thank you for that yeah you wreck on worldwide if you would come with me because we need to access is out there so I'm gonna segue little bit dense you've had obviously not box after not blacks throughout your journey into and I can only imagine how difficult it is for a lady to go into a a predominantly male industry especially when you did and that being Asian on top of that as well but you've come through and I think it's gonna be ever done for anyone listening up until this point that nothing's going to really stop you which is fantastic and I should inspire people that a lot of it is just our self belief I'm always said just like looking for when the door just silo hole just to kind of find your way through I really love that what I want to ask you that is in this particular moment right now what is your actual biggest fear I see Molly I don't want to be safe yeah I want to be out of that to help as many people as I can in the U. K. on me maybe if it got to be at all I can't reach you need everybody that I need six not something I gained arsenic within the fear of when you start to realize that your ways have an impact to your your job or your service can change people's lives you almost feel like you said you you that you want to you want expanded so you've had like such a positive impact on so many people from here tonight looks of back to the TV shows which could be broadcasted anywhere in the world and now it's kind of like okay I've got this power with this kind of responsibility I need everyone to know this and I'm a bit like not to let your story now he's he's teaching me so much value I want to kind of share with as many people as possible so kind of agree with that because I think that's probably a similar answer to what I would say is well but one thing that I like about you that you're not afraid to show your best way as well yeah in the fact that %HESITATION what if somebody takes a %HESITATION will gets better than me I liked what you because it is about I see isn't that the point is that the point I said my best way to somebody's back as a result of me helping them exactly another people thing with that is because when somebody actually asked me the same question so when I ever started like property or fitness I was just give him everything life or limb like two six and they were like yeah you got a hold of him but to selling those that will not really because the reason I do this is so people live longer and live happy yeah yeah I would like but you should hold some of your stuff back and I said listen can copy me and they can take it that's absolutely fine actually I find that as a compliment because the logic is in me well I think of the material so they can always be one step behind me or the time so I'm happy to kind of give my best because every year even after this conversation of late so much more again and this is one of the podcast because I get to connect with people with more experience more life lessons and I almost level up every single time so I have no fear of giving my best work on that particular day because I know tomorrow is another opportunity to grow give more I nothing obviously you demonstrate that you've been doing that which is why you've been so successful print or not you're very welcome you know what you give me so many compliments and US I say a general I think the same of you I think you are very talented yeah your past that I think he's lacks a lot %HESITATION you know your quality of lax as a law I can tell just by speaking to you today that use change so many people's lives you've done exactly what I did %HESITATION %HESITATION yeah your message press which I got hello all I will definitely be recommending you to a lot of my clients someplace I can't reach some clients don't want to I J. men and women yeah so some men sometimes just want to check with someone that I know you too how to you know send the details of possibly not needs trying it out and because it's made me that I will let you know if you on line and I was somebody exactly like me hi so much passion and drive you want the best for these people and you remind me so much of me I'm right now I will go back and see people cage you are amazing and you know I love people don't give you the option to like today I mean you get the option to to come on and share my life story and I eat I'm so grateful for that because everybody gives you an opportunity not you know I mean you got message to share on something that I think will resonate with a lot of people that say this way and I appreciate that and I always think everybody's always supports me my life I'll always be split them guys you know me you are truly amazing to size I mean give me doc ready I think you know what to me I'd like I said the surface tones but came to meet your true inspiring I've come a lot from you today to keep RC dot so what I'm gonna do is now that she'd read that is all going to walk with the fun part of the show and this is a part of the show where I'm gonna ask you stuff that we haven't touched on so it can be very random topics such as coke or Pepsi for example and the reason I say this is just the kind of give the listeners a bit more of a flavor into the kind of person that you are that you off somebody else other than this driven and passionate person trying to trying to change the world you do like stuff like pizza or met on %HESITATION yeah they yeah until six so it's gonna be about sixty to ninety seconds so whenever you're ready I'll get site yes I'm ready okay we're gonna going three to one if you could abolish one thing in the world what would it be I don't know that's not a good one and I come back to the book okay your favorite hobby as for would you rather know how you would die when you would die when why are you secretly good at that nobody knows a lot of things I just I had a lot of talent no I house unless you're one of the I don't know I think I'm really good at telling jokes your biggest role model okay mumble model on the sea my father what would you like to be remembered for as one of the most all these motivational fitness girls in the U. K. in the world in the well if you could relive one day again what they would it be yeah he thought all I had the most famous Asian gill on and cakes as the day you got through so fast but I wish I had the chance to slow down I have so much to say and the show just gonna finish and that was it and I enjoyed that is amazing the ability to fly %HESITATION being visible invisible the number one thing that annoys you people gossiping about people money or fame your proudest moment see my family so proud of me %HESITATION specially come about from Luxembourg the medals into quickly and I'll be like when I walked in the house lights on these resembles a basically how to best your favorite food the food is actually agency which is by the soft cheese what is your biggest addiction I like chocolate your favorite motivational speaker myself if you could sit with one person in the world for now he would it be and finally we're gonna go back to you if you could about each one thing in the world what would it be toxic people I can't read it so that's the end of the F. on fire and and we're almost out yet the end of the show nine so I just want to ask you to form the questions if I may to read that so high so it's a wonderful thing I'm a firm believer that we can do to get to places quicker easier and less heartache but I'm also a fan believe that the JD teaches us so much as well so what when and always know when everythi......

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