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Episode Info:

Find your voice - Episode 21 "From Surviving Rape to Finding Her Voice" - Hannah Power #21

Tagline: "Embracing adversity is the biggest gift you can give yourself" - Hannah Power

Hannah Power shares her story of being tragically raped having been abducted by 3 men whilst on holiday and discusses how the adversity and nightmare she suffered has now given her a new lease of life and purpose. She is now 100% committed to ensuring other rape survivors no longer become victims for the rest of their lives.

Alongside this Hannah Power is also known for her branding expertise as she urges people to find faith and confidence in themselves to really bring out their unique gifts which they can offer to the world. With her assistance she helps people 'find their voice' and it was for this reason we had to get her on the show.

Hannah's mindset is one that we can all take valuable lessons from without hopefully going through the same pain she has been through but it is now her light that shines so brightly we can all benefit from.

I urge you all to follow her journey and support her on making a difference in the world.

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Have an awesome day

#JustDeuIt #FindYourVoice


welcome to an episode of find your voice

a movement led by yours truly

Aren do a guy who has overcome

crippling anxiety adversity and

difficulty like so many of you in life

whose main goal now is to help you

combat your excuses take control of your

life write your own story and most

importantly find your voice so now

without further ado I welcome the host

of the show himself mr. Aren do what's

going on people thank you for tuning in

to another episode of find your voice my

name is Aren and as always I am the

host of the show so firstly I just want

to begin by saying this is a very very

sensitive subject and if anyone finds

speaking about this difficult then I do

have to warn you prior to starting this

episode now conscious of not making it a

doom and gloom ii episode despite the

horrific events i've gone on we have

taken a little bit of a spin on it and

rather than speak about the stuff that

hannah has so bravely spoken about to

the papers already we look at more of

the things that she's doing today

because Hannah's an incredible soul

she's somebody who's been through an

unbelievable amount of adversity as you

can see from the title as you probably

know from her story already

she was horrific ly raped by an

individual when three men abducted her

what she was travelling and I mean I

said it before the show started I didn't

have the words or I wasn't confident in

myself of saying the right stuff during

this interview I no actually mentioned

this to Hannah prior to the show started

but we both have the same goal and both

our goals and both our visions and

dreams is to help people out there find

their voice so I also felt it would be

an injustice if I never took on this

story and shared it with the world

because Hannah for one is somebody who

doesn't want people who have gone

through the same situation as her to

suffer for the rest of their lives and

be a victim forever

and again the premise of this show is to

help people find their voice find their

way find whatever it is that sparks them

in life and move forward irrespective

and the cards that you're dealt with in

life so I think without further ado I'm

gonna jump straight to this one I really

really enjoyed this conversation with

Hannah she's an incredible person she's

now doing amazing things working with

entrepreneurs you probably noticed by

the name as well

her mom was on last week as well and she

again is a fantastic individual I'd

certainly recommend if you haven't

checked that episode out please do go

back and check that one out as well and

I think you'll realize then there's

something special about these power

ladies so without further ado let's get

straight into this okay welcome to the

show and firstly I just want to say

thank you to the guests for tuning in

today and more importantly our wonderful

guest Hannah Paula who has agreed to

come on and share her story slow Hannah

how are you doing today I'm great how

are you I'm very well thank you I'm

really eager to sort of get this going

so for their purpose of their listeners

who are here today could you please just

tell us a little bit about yourself

a little bit about your story and I

suppose what brings you to where you are

right now sure so first of all thank you

so much for having me it's a real

pleasure to be here you're very welcome

so where to start so I am 26

I graduated from University with a law

degree in 2014 and started working in a

big corporate consultancy called

Accenture and six months into working at

Accenture I I went on holiday to visit

some friends in France who want a ski

season and while I was over there I was

raped by well three men picked me up in

the car and one of the men raped me and

they dropped me back off back in the

town after and the reason that that

story is important to where I am now and

the reason that I start with it is

because I had you know I've had a very

fortunate upbringing from a lovely

family and had a very sort of

traditional I guess middle-class journey

through school to college through uni

and then into a graduate job and I was

sort of following a relatively similar

path to all of my you know all of my

friends and my colleagues and peers and

stuff and then this huge spanner got

thrown in the work

of my entire life being completely

turned upside down and and entering a

world which is completely new to me and

was which was completely new to me and

completely awful and you know confusion

and complete loneliness and it really

you know it would change the course of

my life because obviously it wasn't

something which I was that I knew how to

deal with and it and it pushed me off a

path into you know a really big struggle

and trying to understand really you know

the world and why bad things happen

because once you've seen the awful side

of the world it's so hard to you know to

unsee it and I was happy in my job but

it wasn't really doing it for me I

wasn't fulfilled and I was living in

London and I was doing the whole

commuting thing and it just didn't you

know on the tube it just wasn't doing it

for me so around the time of sort of

struggling with you know the healing and

trying to get through it all I was also

struggling with you know alcohol and and

struggling with lack of fulfillment at

work I decided to you know quit

everything and move to Bali and I'm to

Bali at the beginning of last year 2018

and I kind of went on this year of I

guess discovery in every single aspect

of it of life of business of healing of

spirituality of everything to basically

recover from what happened to me and to

work how you know what my purpose was in

this world and what impact and you know

what what my going to do with the rest

of my life and you know now I feel

grateful but what happened to me for

giving me that that sort of accelerant

into where I am and yeah it's been a

huge journey but now I'm focused on

supporting others who've been through

something similar and supporting people

more generally to find fulfillment in

their lives and not settle for less and

settle for a rubbish life but to go

after a life that they really love and

are proud of and are excited about I

think that's amazing

I think just before we touch on that

last bit there which is incredible and

that's kind of they I suppose the most I

know about you so I've checked out

website and stuff and it's not just

limited to people who have suffered in a

similar situation to yourself you've

almost found this purpose where you just

want to help as many people as possible

but obviously just before I go into that

I don't want to kind of leave it as the

elephant in the room and I spoke prior

to us speaking about this that it is a

difficult topic because I don't come

from a counseling background nor do I

want this episode to be some level of

counseling but it I think anyone

listening to this it's going to fill him

with a mixed level of emotions I mean

for me myself it makes me sad I feel

embarrassed on behalf of the male

population I think you know there's this

level of anger how one human three human

sorry could do that to another human I

mean I just find how people can just

justify their actions by hurting other

people it really does touches a nerve to

be completely honest with you and that's

probably why I was nervous before this

show but I'm just I suppose I mean in

the very short amount of time that we've

had this conversation obviously we spoke

previously I've learnt so much I suppose

about myself in terms of my own personal

development and trying to change my own

perception because what you've just done

and how you've just explained your

journey and how you sin this darkness

and you've almost found it as you're

actually grateful for it now I think

that I think that's remarkable and I

think in a very short amount of time as

I said just knowing you I'm very very

proud of you for that I'm grateful that

I'm able to have met someone like that

because it teaches me so much and I'm

sure it's gonna teach our listeners as

well so much about once you sin the

darkest parts of the world you're almost

now they're trying to almost line up

everything around you and I think I

think that's beautiful

and I want to take it actually into that

beautiful space if that's ok with you

rather than dwell on that situation

which has made you the person you are

today so you're now in Bali which from

Instagram now are you back in UK ok so

you've kind of found yourself now you've

had this year of discovery this healing

this purpose can we just touch on what

exactly you offer to easy clients your

class amazing yeah yeah so and I I've

always come from a sort of a digital

technology and marketing background and

I've always been very I've always worked

really a lot in personal branding so you

know getting yourself known online in a

you know as a leader or as somebody

who's known for something I think it's

come from my parents have always worked

in the internet and you know they were

one of the first people into this whole

world and what I what I realized by

moving to Bali and sort of building this

life that I love was that the reason I'd

been able to do all of these things was

because of the fact that I'd invested

and grown my personal brand so when I

moved out to Bali

it wasn't that difficult for me to get

work and my first you know my first

remote job and then for me to then start

a business which was an agency and fill

it with clients because I had invested

the time in creating content and being

known online as being somebody who knows

what they're talking about so by having

this personal brand I thought I realized

that oh my god this actually gives you a

huge amount of opportunity then after

that side of things when I decided this

year to to you know go public with my

story and try to create an impact and

help other people again because of the

parity of the internet and because I

built this following and had a sort of

personality online I then was able to

have enormous impact on others so I

decided you know I I think that you know

building a personal brand of being known

online is an integral thing to do if you

want to you know live a life which

fulfills you and have a positive impact

on the world so I you know this is what

I do to my clients now I help them to

really define their message and build

their their brand online I'd establish

them as leaders in their fields you know

and prepare them for having an impact

you know prepare them to have an impact

so that's what I do and I think it's

difficult working in personal branding

because there's a lot of in overlap with

you know there's sort of the negative

connotations that come with being an

influencer but what actor is not about

you know it's not about the influencer

side of things of you know when people

come out of these reality TV shows or

anything like that it's about somebody

saying look this is me this is what I'm

really good at this is I can you know

this is what I love to do and this is

how I

can support other people through it and

and helping those people to become

leaders online because I think the

opportunities that open up from open

doors from doing that are huge and

literally never-ending so that's why I

do what I do and I work with my clients

on a one-to-one basis and at the moment

I'm gonna start building a group program

to support people on that journey that's

fantastic I'll have to get the details

for that and I'll put it in the show

notes afterwards for anyone who's this

now who would love to reach out to you

and I think just under personal branding

so it's something that I'm trying to I'm

more conscious of a suppose and I'm

trying to build my own and I'm sure many

listeners are as well but you also have

an advantage of having the most

fantastic surname ever I think that

certainly house but I'm I just wanted to

touch on something there so try and wear

this the right way so obviously you have

a personal brand now you're Hannah power

and you help people find their way

become leaders online do you ever think

or do you just try to think of the right

ways are you against being known as the

girl who got raped or is that just part

and parcel of that of the story and

something that you're happy to be

accepted for however you have so much

more to give to the world and I think

that I think the reason I'm public about

being raped is because of the fact that

it's such a secret crime Thanks it

causes a lot more harm by keeping things

a secret than it does by talking about

them that's true in every form of mental

illness or anything really that happens

we all know that secrets aren't really a

positive so the reason that I am open

about what happened to me is because I'm

not ashamed of it it wasn't my doing of

quite who I am so it's a part of my

story and it's a part of me so that I

don't want to a keep it a secret because

it is a part of me but secondly I want

to inspire others unfortunately with

rape there are a lot of people that are

raped in their lifetime and it and it's

it's huge it's like it's a secret

epidemic that's going on I mean since

I've shared my story the amount of

people that have reached out to me some

of them that I actually even know quite

well we've been through something

similar is actually unbelievable I mean

I've got friends close friends male 4

whose girlfriends have told me they've

been raped but they haven't even told

their boyfriend's yet because it's such

a misunderstood and confusing messed-up

crime that people don't know how to deal

with it so by me talking about and being

open about it I just want to break the

secret if there's if the secret can go

we can talk about it we can deal with it

we don't have to be ashamed of what

happened to us when it's not something

we cause if I punched you in the face

would you think it was your fault no you

would but with Ray for some reason

because of the fact that we're not able

to cope with it and deal with it in

society we feel that it's on us so do I

want to be known as the girl that was

raped no I would like to be known as

more than that but is it an important

part of my story and am i proud to be

somebody who has got through that and

wants to inspire others absolutely

because once you've got through

something like that there are very few

challenges that the world can throw at

you that you aren't able to handle and

for me that's an incredible power and

strength in every challenge I take on in

my life whether it's a new business or

whatever it might be I am completely in

complete confidence that I can do it

because I always can say to myself well

Hannah you've done worse I love that I

just think like you just said you should

be very very proud of that having

overcome that and I think should be even

more proud that now you've your sole

purpose in life is almost to help other

people and I think you'll do incredible

things and I think sometimes a lot of us

in life we kind of go through life

almost not knowing what we actually put

on this earth for and that's kind of how

I've always seen myself so I was always

an academic at school and I was always

kind of being pushed from Normal School

to do grammar schools to universities

and any and I always felt like this

isn't me that there has to be something

else and we touched on it briefly before

this episode how it took a massive 18

months of adversity my life to really

completely change me and sometimes I

always say I don't want any of my

listeners to go through any an OST for

that for their life to change but

sometimes it's necessary it is I think

the people that have been through pain

if they can use if you can use it

properly and you can do the work I think

it's it opens

opens you up to to finding your meaning

but of course you wouldn't wish on

anybody else but some of the happiest

people I know have actually been through

the worst absolutely and least happy

people I know who struggle with anxiety

and day to day issues have actually had

a real smooth ride and it can take a big

knock to to push you onto the right path

and that's why I feel so fortunate to

have had that happen to me at a young

enough age to be able to go to know that

every day I wake up that you know I'm I

mean I know exactly that I am where I'm

supposed to be and have huge faith and

excitement for my future absolutely I

love it I'm actually just really happy

that you're in such a great place now as

well as I'm sure you and all your family

and friends are as well and and you hit

the nail on the head there I think when

people go through pain or adversity in

life they've almost reached a level of

darkness where you can't see any light

especially in that moment and I think

when you kind of crawl out of that hole

however you want to imagine that then

any sort of light almost brings you

gratitude and happiness

yeah and fulfillment and I'm kind of

like that so the smallest things I will

be grateful for on a daily basis and

hearing stories like like yourself and

from whether guess it really does put

things into perspective of how fortunate

you all are and how limited our time is

so it's amazing that there's people like

you now who are just really trying to

help other people find that papers as

well so I think that's fantastic

and thank you again for sharing that so

what I want to know now is could you

tell us a little bit about your routines

your lifestyle today in terms of how you

manage to maintain this almost solid

mindset and how you manage to keep

persevering through life have you got

any daily habits rituals but meditation

practices and also really good question

actually because yeah I mean I first got

into kind of healthy like I guess living

when I was 22 in terms of being you know

really disciplined with my diet and

exercise I am have got an ovary

condition which causes me to gain weight

really quickly so I have to be really

diligent with my exercise and my site

you know I put on weight quite quickly

and things like that so I've always

since being 22 I've always been

very conscious of the fact that if I put

bad things into my body then I feel

rubbish so I know that if I eat like a

load of chocolate or something it's not

going to make me feel good and so from

it like a diet next size point of view I

guess I'm that sort of pot that's the

sort of natural habit I already have and

so I don't require the discipline of

that anymore but I would say hey you

know to get to a habit stage you have to

start with discipline and I think some

of the things which I sort of had to be

disciplined with in barley were

definitely things around yoga and

meditation and almost just generally

taking time to breathe and just act so I

would say that in terms of a daily

practice I I don't meditate every day I

really want to get to a point that I do

what I do do every day morning and

evening is I like a little candle and I

do which is in front of a sort of it's

not a Buddha it's like a sort of a yogi

figure thing and I do sort of give

gratitude to the universe and and say

you know I give you know I am on a path

and I and I trust you to lead me on it

so I guess some people to call that a

prayer I don't I don't mind I I just

call it sort of a moment of gratitude to

the universe and I do that every morning

and evening so I say that's a daily

routine I definitely plan to be much

more disciplined with my yoga and

meditation every day the other thing

which I would say that has had a

humongous impact in fact it's probably

one of the biggest decisions and

life-changing decisions I've made so far

is um quitting drinking alcohol in July

last year so I would say that without a

shadow of a doubt that is one of the

biggest enablers of the reason that I am

happy positive achieving everything I

want to be achieving supporting people

who I want to support and just generally

my sort of balanced mood I don't really

get you know I don't get those low

anxious moments really anymore I don't

I had the alike was diagnosed with PTSD

soon after the rape and I would say that

they're probably the biggest thing for

me in terms of

when you've asked about sort of daily

habits and sort of lifestyle stuff for

me the biggest thing for me is is the

non the no alcohol

that's fantastic thank you for sharing

that so I think the moment of gratitude

thing that you do is is beautiful I I

don't do it twice I should probably do

it twice I think I do always try and

stay present so the yoga thing again

that's always a trait that or the

meditation bit is always a trait of

successful people so yeah it's really

useful the alcohol once it's an

interesting one because like yourself I

get almost after say for instance a

heavy night of drinking going out on a

social the next day I have this really

weird feeling of almost like anxiety or

regret or just feeling absolutely

depressed I think you got from one

extreme of a high almost is such a low

and then I have these thoughts that for

the next 24 hours I'm really not the

kind of person that I want to be

perceived as so I'll call something I'm

trying to myself pasty knock in the head

obviously another health benefits of it

I'm not a drinker in terms of our drink

every single week but I fully understand

that because I was going to ask you a

question in relation to was the alcohol

linked because you started drinking post

rape or I would say that when I when I

first ever started drinking at parties I

don't know when you're what like 14 15 I

was never particularly good at kind of

managing my alcohol in time so I was

kind of a go hard or go home type crazy

so I think a lot of people are I think I

was a bit insecure when I was young and

I think I used alcohol as a kind of

confidence booster at parties and things

like that when I after the after I was

raped I think I think the thing is

because your mind my mind was just in

this whole crazy world it wasn't even

like it was my mind anymore it was I

become somebody else and the alcohol

being in that sort of drunk state almost

gave me a connection to who I used to be

I know it sounds really weird to say it

like that but it was almost a freedom I

got to leave the mind of this girl who'd

been raped who was in pain who

struggling who was lost and move into

being somebody else and I think it did

give me just like you said it gave me

high high

because it gave me a break and then it

gave me very low loads but actually

those low loads that went off and when

you know you start to do the work so I

would say actually although I would say

I was probably abusing alcohol I

actually wouldn't take it back again

because I think it helped me to kind of

deal with it the reason I ended up

putting a hard stop to it was I ended up

having an accident while I was in Bali

and breaking my shoulder and I ended up

in hospital for six days and I then

ended up for another week after that

dealing with the sort of side effects of

being on a really strong like a morphine

type pill which they sort of give you

willy nilly when you're in a kind of

developing country and I it took me a

while to return to being normal again

because of the the accident the alcohol

and then this drug and what's it called

oxycodone and after that I basically

thought you know what not only am i

potentially going to really harm myself

if I carry on drinking but actually if I

keep losing these days our days of my

life I mean this was two weeks but if

you're losing I was losing and maybe one

or two days of productivity a week to to

being to being tired or being anxious or

being hungover actually I'm not going to

be able to achieve everything that I

want to and know I can in my life I'm

actually not going to be able to do that

I don't have enough time to waste on

this poison there's no spare time and to

waste the day being hungover in the day

after that being anxious and the day

after that getting back on track I

haven't got the time in my life so I

decided that actually I loved myself and

I was more excited for my life more than

I then I needed the alcohol so I made a

decision that I was going to stop and I

listened to an incredible book by a guy

called Alan Carr who's this this this

addiction guru and it's a six and a half

hour audio book I did it in a day the

day before my birthday and I woke up on

my birthday as a non-drinker

and I have never ever touched a drop

drop or wanted to since that's


could you tell us the name of that book

yeah it's by I'm his name's Paul and the


the easy way to stop drinking he's got a

load of books he's got a smoking book

and a sugar book and a gambling book but

the drinking one for me was the one that

I was always really worried that I would

feel a sense of you know you know loss

that I was missing out on things and I

would always sire it and what Alan

Carr's book does is it sort of it

removes the desire so you no longer want

it it would be like me saying to you

what you know 10 o'clock at night would

you like a really strong cup of coffee

you know you just wouldn't want to say

no that's what I want right now and

that's you know I know that it would

make me not sleep and it's you know

whatever to me it just immediately

removed the desire I mean I went from

being a pretty big drinker to literally

even the smell of like a beer made me

feel like a bit sick literally after

reading this book and for me I never

wanted I never preached to people you

know when they say say like a lot

everyone drinks around me I'm not like

not like telling people not to drink but

if people say to me Hannah what's you

know how can I achieve what I want to in

my life and start my own business or

whatever I say well the first thing you

need to do is is drink less because you

know knows that it doesn't do anything

positive to their lifestyle and their

goals absolutely Aarthi I think you've

hit the nail on the head there there was

something you mentioned it turns up

insecurity and anxiety and that's

probably one of the reasons I think I

first started drinking as well as a

teenager I haven't been shy and anxious

it was kind of the only way to get on

the dancefloor the only way to feel

confident around other people so

absolutely and it's conditioned into

what I mean if we just if we didn't have

Apple and we were just forced to push

through those those embarrassing awkward

moments when you're sort of you know you

spotty or whatever because you're 1516

and you kind of you know you're not you

sort of fancy people and they don't

fancy and all that stuff that happens to

us when we're young if we just had to

push through it like we did when we were

kids but what happens is you get told by

somebody usually older than you that

there's this magic potion that takes it

all away the rest of our lives we

associate whenever something goes wrong

with the magic potion when actually the

magic potion tends to be causing a lot

of the stuff that put us there in the

first place so my dad got cancer last

year and he stopped drinking as well and

neither of us drink now and he would say

the same I mean

it's just you know it's it's just he's

your and better because of it and yeah I

mean again I you know I'd never preached

it but for me is definitely one of the

biggest things that I would post what I

would ever attribute any success in

terms of you know financial or just

general in a call happiness is that

that's a fair point I think just before

I carry on and I'm sorry to hear about

your dad as well in relation to the case

I hope everything's fine yeah with him

just quickly then so not to make this

about an alcohol podcast episode but um

have you managed to change your circle

are you still able to associate yourself

having read this book in the same kind

of circle that you were in previously do

you know what it's so funny because I

thought that everyone was going to be

really freaked out by it you know be

like oh my god you're so boring or

whatever and I was so shocked by the

reaction a most people are like oh my

god that's so cool I wish I could do

that be the other thing I realize is

that when I hang out with my friends and

things like that and family they

actually like seeing me because they

know that they don't need to drink when

they're with me so that means that

they're not going to be hungover the

next day or they're gonna feel healthier

so I think coming to see me is like or

spending time with me it's like almost a

break from the pressures of drinking

when actually a lot of people don't

actually want to drink as much as they

do it's a lot of it's just because of

routine and habit and the people that

they're with so I mean I I have a lot of

like non-alcoholic alternatives so I've

got non-alcoholic red wine and Prosecco

and beers and gins and things like that

so if I hang out with a friend you know

often I'll be with even a boy when he's

eight having a beer when he's with me

he's very happy to have like a

non-alcoholic Peroni and just tells me

how much you like I would say that about

11 o'clock at night when people are

getting really drunk I tend to point to

head off just because I like to wake up

early and go to the gym or read or

whatever I'm quite an early riser so I

don't really see the point in staying

out late so I don't see out as late as I

did but and partly cuz also being around

drunk people when they've been drinking

for a few hours becomes a little bit

ring because

start to repeat them separate you tell

you all their secrets they don't really

want you to know when they're messy and

so I mean my cycle is stayed completely

the same and I don't know maybe people

do have a problem with it but I've never

I actually found it a lot easy I thought

I was gonna have to really prepare

people for it it seems to me that

everyone's just fascinated by it and

kind of wants to do it but it's just

sort of like doesn't think that they can

I think I've sort of become you know

amongst some of the people I know this

kind of weird enigma they're kind of

like well one minute Hannah was one of

us and then she moved to Bali and now

she's doing all this and how she talks

about praying and she doesn't drink

alcohol and I think she's kind of I

don't know I think people just sort of

think well I don't know she seems really

happy so maybe we should be doing all

that stuff yeah so no I haven't had to

change my circles to sum up that's

brilliant so you've managed to keep your

circle and still hang out and I agree

completely as well with the whole 11

o'clock thing I think we're both early

rises and up and to find that this is

why I think a lot of people struggle

with Mondays so you hear the whole world

moaning that they're gonna go to work on

Monday yes it's probably the fact

they're in a job that they don't like

but I think the other thing is Friday

Saturday Sunday their sleep patterns are

completely yes and what's happening is

they're almost in a jet like kind of

phase so along with obviously limited

alcohol and health and stuff I always

say sleep should be like a massive

massive priority as well so I like I'm

like a baby like I have to sleep a hell

of a lot I was reading my friend shared

an article the other day that apparently

they're now proving that the kind of

hustle the kind of hustle mentality is

being replaced by being like the most

successful people actually rest a lot

which made me really happy because I

like I don't normally need eight hours

and then like a half an hour nap in the

afternoon because I wake up so early I

start working about 7:00 in the morning

or sometimes yeah about 7:00 so my

brains been pretty and my brain gets

quite tired by about three o'clock in

the afternoon I have to have like a

little 20-minute catnap so it's cool

that sleeping in business it's that

cool to rest now rather than like

hustling your way through to 11 o'clock

at night every night so yeah it's


just on that Hannah resolve there's a

book called sleep smarter by Sean

Stephenson I'll send you a link to it

afterwards it's inaudible and he's

actually done a lot of extensive

research into sleeping hence why I now

have blackout blinds I'll make sure I

try and sleep at exactly the same time I

turned off my phone

they're 40 minutes before going into bed

yeah have a look honestly it's it's a

fantastic but can you really does open

your eyes because there's links actually

between your productivity of being drunk

and being sleep-deprived and it's almost

the same right yeah so in an office

space you probably see people who have

not drank the night before but not slept

popu you're probably not as productive

so somebody who comes in absolutely

hungover so it being in barley because

barley and the like the Sun comes up at

5:00 and it goes down about half past

6:00 so the whole day's almost starts

two hours before it does in the UK so

not barley like where I was living is

quite buzzing at about 7:00 a.m. and

then by about like 9:30 10 o'clock like

it's pretty quiet apart from like the

holidaymakers so I think I just really

got into this way of living because we

in barley everyone sort of living around

the Sun because people surf early in the

mornings it's better waves so yeah I

mean I think it really works and it

means yeah yeah it's really I mean it is

totally crucial sleeping is crucial I

think it's great I think you've

obviously not just developed your mind

now you start to look at even physically

as well it's gonna obviously benefit you

yeah I think we're getting awareness and

self awareness is almost addictive

though isn't it like it certainly is

yeah because I know that I can fix

something if it and make I can

constantly improve myself like if I

notice something I'm like oh hey what's

that right let's dig into that let's get

that worked out like what do I need to

do there like I was actually looking at

it earlier and I always find around the

25th of the month is when I get quite

like I saw that's when I need really to

have more time off and then when I'm in

the kind of early stages of the month

like the price to the seventh I'm in

total like knowledge mode I just want to

consume content

and then I think that I'm quite creative

in the middle of the month so I'm always

just getting more and more awareness

around myself so that I can you know so

that I can do the B and flow as much as

possible so I guess it's just that

awareness yeah is addictive so I guess

sleep is just falls under that bracket

doesn't it absolutely brilliant okay so

another question I wanted to ask you now

hopefully again this this gives the

listeners a lot of value because other

than your routine and how your practice

in your daily life now which is going to

obviously give them great value going

back to the adversity and not to jump

into it too much in relation to that

horrible event that happened to you in

France what one lesson would you tell

our audience I think for me it's the

importance of having faith in the

universe I really I've never been a

religious person and I've never either

or I also you know I haven't cast myself

as a spiritual person but from reading

everything that I have read and watching

everything I've watched from business

you know business II really hardcore

business books by like people like Grant

Cardone to really kind of hippie woowoo

universe books by people like Gabby

Bernstein the biggest thing that

underlies for me that's underlying these

these books are people that are

successful and happy is that they just

have faith that everything will work out

and it's happening the way that it's

meant to happen and that we're all on a

par and as long as we you know we we

fulfill the things that we should be

fulfilling that really you just have

faith in what's coming towards you you

can't you can't prepare for the things

that happen you can't prevent them from

happening but as long as you always keep

faith that there is light at the end of

the tunnel and that there is that things

happen the way they're meant to happen I

think you can get through pretty much

anything so I think yeah that would be

my my number one lesson and I would say

a really big turning point for me it

sounds a bit nuts actually but I

basically towards the end of last year

got really

obsessed with watching films about World

War two I don't I don't know why I just

think I just that atrocity just I was

just fascinated by I think and the

strength of everyone who came through it

and I watched that film

The Pianist have you seen it I've not

seen that my life was totally changed by

that film and it's because there is this

man who loses his entire family his all

his friends everything he knows his home

and everything like that

and yet he is still fighting to survive

throughout that whole film okay I

haven't given it away because that

happens right like really okay it's

still fighting to survive because he has

faith in whatever whatever their

whatever it is that he is fighting for

exists so we because survival is the

strongest human instinct and that is

faith that is that's what makes you for

perhaps that want to survive in faith

that there is a reason to do it if you

didn't have the reason to do it you

wouldn't do it so for me what got me

through is knowing that you know that

there was there was gonna be positives

in the future I was gonna get through

this so I'd seen people struggle through

awful things and come out the other side

so for me the biggest lesson would be

finding faith if you have you got it you

need to find it whatever it might be

whether it's for me it's just the

universe I think in the way Gabby burns

he talks about it in the way that she in

her in her books and her teachings is

just about having faith in the universe

having faith is something bigger than

yourself and most people do have that

and it's just about then trusting that

that I think is what gets most people

through huge pain and challenge and for

me that was the biggest thing for me is

that faith and I know that it will carry

me through my entire life is having

faith in that path and the world that's

bigger than me I love it I think that's

a that's a brilliant answer and it's

actually something that's brought back a

memory to myself of actually my first

ever episode so I did an episode with my

very very good friend Kevin Dillon he

was blind from a very young kid in one

of his eyes through meningitis and again

he's got brilliant attitude like

yourself he's up he's all about helping

people always a very positive person and

his mindset always got

faith in things are always gonna be

better and he he actually said a quote

and I mean uh this this episode was a

long time ago but I can actually

remember it because he says believe in

God or believe in yourself or believe in

the universe but just believe in

something because if somebody doesn't

believe in anything they'll always be

lost it was really powerful and it

always made sense to me because I

suppose I can't I'm kind of an atheist

if I'm completely honest in terms of I

don't really necessarily believe a

religion or anything like that but I do

have a kind of spiritualist side to me

where I think there's obviously

something out there or at least that's

what bigger than myself and you hit the

nail on the head there he said something

bigger they knew so almost giving faith

and a bit of supposed control to that

thing knowing that maybe that's going to

get us through it I think that believe

that as humans because we're built to

survive and we need something some

reason are supposed to kind of keep us

going well I you know I think at the end

of last year I think I was having I mean

I laugh about it because I was I was

living with a big load of people at bi

and I was living with this one guy

called Joe who's from the UK and oh my

gosh I think about him I think he must

think I'm so nuts because I think I was

having existential crisis for the month

that he was living in the villa with me

and he'd get back from like a day of

like I don't know a day of like surfing

and co-working and he'll be like how was

your day and I'd be like yeah it's good

so what do you think the meaning of life

is because I was like really trying to

understand I was like yeah so I'm

wanting to understand why bad things

happen I was like I've been through this

I would hear more stories it was almost

like I was taking on the whole world's

pain like somebody would talk about like

plastic in the ocean and I was just

crying because I was like the world is

so awful and then it just I just kept

sort of delving into this and I was

watching all these films about the

Holocaust and just I was just literally

like I was literally like hurting myself

with pain because I was so wanting to

understand why it exists and and the

point of it and the point of life if

there is all this pain why do we bother

does it make sense me and then and then

they had this lightbulb moment with the

pianist film and then with reading a lot

of what Gabby Bernstein talks about and

a lot of the kind of yogi teachings and

staff from Eckhart Tolle stuff

of this bigger thing and it's it's not

something you need to put your miss and

you just have to know that it's there

and we do all know that it's there

because whenever I ask someone you know

do you believe that there's you know do

you believe in anything and most people

say I don't they say I'm not I'm not

religious but I do believe that there is

something bigger out there in the

universe pretty much most people do say

that and I think that you know you don't

have to label it as anything you just

have to know that it's there and that it

and it's taking care of you and once you

release your your you'll panic and worry

about the future and where you need to

be and this and that and the past and

everything like that and you accept that

your path is your path and you just

follow it my god it's so freeing I mean

that to me is total freedom I spent a

year trying to find freedom by being in

Bali you know what is freedom is it it's

about being location free as if I'd been

financially free is about being time

free I think it's just about being free

from the crap that's in your head and

just going well it's gonna work out

eventually you know it always does and

that and that is what the journey is of

life and I think the second you can

enjoy that and embrace it you're going

to enjoy your life and find that freedom

that's brilliant I think freeing

yourself from the crap in your head is

what I want to do to be honest and I'm

sure people listening to this can

obviously relate to that because that is

what it's all about and you said some

stuff there that I was almost nodding in

agreement because I'm like oh my god

that's me so the whole why do bad things

happen and trying to understand why

they're happening it almost consumes you

so we touched right before this I I'm an

emotional person and I find myself

that's why I don't even watch the news

or listen to stories because I'm like

I'll just be sitting there crying all

day almost like using all my energy due

to myself for some reason it was it was

a while I was doing this myself for

about three months

I literally just watched anything I

could that I knew was gonna make me cry

and hate the world because I just needed

to understand it otherwise I didn't see

the point I was like what is the point

there has to be a point and then I lost

the penis and I was like well there is

definitely a point because he survived

when he had basically in my opinion

nothing to live for yet he still

survived which means that whatever kept

him alive exists because it literally

defies the point the reason it defies

everything in my opinion the reason he

survived because it doesn't make any

sense anyway it was basically I'm

basically talking about my existential

crisis which I had at the end of last

year and I read books I don't know if

you've read a man's search for meaning

by Viktor Frankl but all of these things

I was just going all in and trying to

just get it I was like I'm a bit of a

fast person so I'm like look if I've got

to get through this I need to go all in

and get it done fast so I think I just

put myself an accelerated path o of

consciousness and understanding and then

came out the other side with this

completely different mindset and I mean

yeah life's you know never looked better

because I think and then you just have

that awareness where you feel yourself

slipping from it like last week when I

was feeling you had these overwhelm

moments where I was thinking oh my

goodness you know there's a lot going on

here and I've you know I've taken a lot

on to just kind of catching and going

well don't worry Hannah you know it's

gonna be fine you know you know just

just up you know do a bit more praying

like a few extra candles whatever it

needs to be have that food and having

that faith and then the second you

return to that faith and and that and

that you know coming back to laughs you

you're fine so yeah I mean I think Gabby

Bernstein stuff is really fantastic

I think she's she's she's well she's

well regarded but I think she should be

like more more regarded like her stuff

is so good I'm also fortunate to know

Jay Shetty I don't know if you follow

him but he's a friend of my dad and we

used to work we work together for a bit

at accenture and I'm fortunate to know

him and obviously he's all about this

this wisdom and so I think I'm lucky

really with the people that I follow and

that I have in my life my cousin has

been my complete spiritual guide over

the last five years who he's just he's

just sent from wherever the greatness

lives that's the most incredible person

in the world and then my direct family

my mom my brothers my dad and friends I

think I'm just I'm just incredible

and that's what I focus on that's how I

you know that's you know I don't think

life's hard you know because I've been

through stuff I think life is incredible

absolutely absolutely

you got you got fantastic knitwear there

actually and obviously in your mum as

well she's she's an amazing lady I was

also just thinking just there as well

when you're talking so I need to

research Gabby Bernstein but Eckhart

Tolle is another one who talks about

this the consciousness and stuff and I

kind of wish he had someone like

yourself to narrate his books because

I'm listening to the audio books in a

funny really difficult relaxing asleep

absolutely I'm driving and I'm like this

is just the hazard his voice is too

relaxing I literally you have to be on

the move on foot you have to like walk

around the garden or something because

otherwise will not last because it's

just do you know when Eckhart Tolle at

check you watch him on YouTube he's

actually like he's actually pretty funny

and he's quite accessible if you watched

him in like short sharp he does these

kind of question answer sessions and

things and you can kind of get his

knowledge in these sort of five-minute

chunks which is obviously much more

accessible you know his books pretty

pretty intense is pretty incredible but

if you just want to grab bits of him or

would just have a question some doesn't

you type in the question you've got he's

got there's a video of somebody else

asking a similar question okay and he's

pretty funny and light which really

surprised me after listening to his book

so much at that I suppose he's probably

made that book maybe not for people who

are just driving and maybe as a sort of

he's kind of encyclopedia of finding I

think it's probably one that should be

read rather than listen to you can be

honest I've got it on my I need to get

it you know I need to get it out and get

a highlighter and all of that kind of


definitely yeah I can imagine that I'm

sure he's full of like amazing gems

that's brilliant okay so you're in this

place now where I'm very happy that

you're in such a great place then not

just spiritually if you want to call it

that and physically and just everything

in terms of your business business and

moving forward

yeah have you got any fears now I mean

what kind of scares you in this current

moment and okay that it's actually a

really good question I'll tell you what

what scares me is the thought is a

finding like a partner

like her boyfriend or falling in love

okay that's interesting yeah which is a

very operate dancer I didn't if you

expect me to go that honest but may as

well yeah please do can i elaborate yeah

so I think I just not been I guess I

wouldn't say you know unlucky because I

you know as I said I believe that our

path is our path so I think you know

what's happened was meant to happen but

I've not had great luck I guess if you

don't allow us to call it with with

relationships over the last few years I

don't think I'm very good at picking

people that are right for me I think I

struggle to be really open and I guess

it comes a lot of insecurities from when

I was young now things are now my life

is very different in terms of you know I

don't go out drinking so you're less

likely to meet people I live in a you

know I live in a town where I love my

town that I live and I don't want to

live in London but that means that you

know I'm less likely to meet people

you know in my kind of age group I don't

I don't enjoy apps you know I'm not I

don't have I don't have any desire to

spend more time using technology but I

work or you know I work on technology

all day I don't want to sit in front of

the TV and swipe on my phone and talk to

some random person and go whoo I don't

even know if they're interesting or

funny based on a photo and I need funny

so I guess I've also told three boys

that I love them and not had them say it

back so all three of my relationships

have been have been you know unrequited

love and that's quite you know that's

from 16 to 26 so that's actually you

know that's tough so I guess what my

fear would be in something I know I need

to do the work on is around my relation

you know my relationships and my

attitudes to - laughs I guess in terms

of finding a partner to share my life

with you know I want to have that you

know it's not that I you know it's not

like I'm not always because I love being

single I think a better when they're

together I look at my mum and dad who

have the best relationship out of anyone

I know when they bring out the best in

each other and you know they get to

enjoy their lives together and have a

real partner so I guess that would be

you know if you want my honest answer to

that instead of a sort of a

and answer then that would be something

which I guess is a fear thank you for

sharing that it's actually a really

interesting answer and probably one I

will didn't guess if I had 100 guesses

I'm sure obviously as you know as well

it will happen when it's meant to happen

the reason I find it so interesting is

having had such a horrible experience

where you've almost got this incredible

resilience where I suppose nothing's

really going to necessarily scare you

anymore because you've already been hurt

you've already been to the bottom you've

already been in a dark place to have in

that level of insecurity with that

particular subject I just find that

interesting it again I think if you look

at the world I mean love in terms of you

know love for another person a partner

is a you know pretty big thing I mean

you know every song every film you know

most of it pretty much most of life

comes down to you know love of another

person and you know that's why you know

that's why we're on our planet find a

partner and procreate I mean that's how

that's how the evolution survives so

although it sounds you know minor in

comparison to you know huge adversity

and stuff I think it's probably at the

same time one of life's biggest missions

and at the same time can be challenges

to get it right I mean you got to get

I'm not one who's gonna set you know I'm

not a settler so I've got to get it

right it's got to be and especially you

know my parents have an incredible

relationship so my you know my bar is

set really high I you know I want real

proper love that makes that makes us

both better that you know that we we

have the same hopes and dreams and I

think you know I'm an extremely

ambitious person I'm you know I'm very

self-aware I know what I'm about and I

think potentially it's hard to find

other people at that same level I don't

know I don't know what the offer is I

mean it's probably down to the fact that

I may be not not open to it and it's

work that I I've got it on my my mental

note of work to do on myself is to is to

delve into it and and make sure that you

know I'm not you know I'm not limiting

myself in any way yeah absolutely I

think at least you're recognizing that

there is potentially some work there to

that's really important but yeah I mean

your level of self-awareness is

definitely not something that I suppose

is common amongst common people should I

say but life is definitely better years

in terms of if you can find the right

person and obviously you'll never sell

but please do not settle and however

long that takes you can almost have

everything and more Panna we're actually

gonna go to the fun part of the show now

so this is normally where quite fun just

so you know sorry I have actually found

most a bit quite honorable thank you

thank you

you're a great you're a great

interviewer great question so thank you

thank you you really shouldn't worry I

mean you're definitely skilled I mean

I'm sure you're going to be very

successful with this podcast because I

love your very you've got the right

level of empathy and you're really it

sounds to me like you're you're really

listening which actually sounds really

obvious but it's actually a really

important skill that very few people

have so yeah I think you should be

really you know pleased to do with

yourself I'll bless you thank you so


you caught me off guard there a little

bit nice fine it's fine

okay so quickfire round this is

basically 60 seconds where I'm gonna ask

you the most random questions so why if

it comes to your mind there's no right

or wrong and said it's just a little bit

of fun for the audience to get to know a

little bit more about you are you ready

yeah okay fantastic we're gonna start in

three two one

what did you eat for breakfast I don't

eat breakfast I'm on intermittent

fasting like eight no problem if you

could really relive one day again which

day would it be any day today I mean I

love every day I love that the ability

to fly or be invisible fly who do you

admire most in the world my mum when

your fam


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