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Show Info: I am a father of 2 awesome sons, husband to a beautiful and amazing woman, a part-time football, basketball and baseball coach, and a proud veteran of the United States Army. I received an honorable discharge after a multitude of injuries. It effected many muscle groups from the lower back down the left leg. The doctors did everything. Catheters, bags, pills, injections, even botox, but the combination of the nerve damage and my susceptibility to infection due to the internal injury repair, left me incontinent. Luckily I had a wife, family and friends that were beyond supportive. They helped me with issues, they were all amazing. That brings me to now. I am currently pursuing my masters in Physical Education and Coaching. I am minoring in sports management, health and fitness, and double majoring in human movement and history. I manage my disability with diapers. I am supplied some by the VA, but I opt to take the payment and spend some of my own money for quality briefs. I am not ashamed of my issue anymore. The college is very helpful and supportive and I have become very good at managing incontinence. Most people do not even know. This podcast is to help people understand that this is not a taboo or stigma, It is a disability. To show those that have incontinence that you are not alone. I share my everyday experiences and life, as well as some tips. If you have questions, by all means, comment or use the contact form and I will email you back. No one should have to live with incontinence and be ashamed, secluded, ridiculed, or harassed. I want this to be able to help with that. Archer.

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