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The Lifestyle of Ladies and Leisure Podcast is for those of us men who’re no longer willing to settle for less with women and dating — us guys who want to start enjoying a lifestyle of more fun, freedom and adventure. I’m Anthony Abraham, a highly-sought-after men’s dating and lifestyle coach. About a decade ago I was the biggest underachiever you’d ever meet; watching the women, and the life I desired pass me by, while I sat on the sidelines. That all changed the day I decided to get into the drivers seat, figure this stuff out and architect the exact lifestyle I knew I wanted and deserved. This podcast is a collection of the very best lessons I’ve learned (and am still learning) on that journey. Lessons that fall into 3 categories: 1. Actionable advice that'll propel you toward success with women and dating. 2. Systematic ways to design more fun, adventure and coolness into your lifestyle. 3. Proven strategies to awaken a more confident, powerful and attractive version of yourself. The lessons me and my expert guests share are not common knowledge. You’re about to be let in on stuff that only 1% of the male population is privy to. Things I’ve personally used to turn my life around, and things my coaching clients have used to get incredible results. Many of those clients have forked over thousands of dollars to work with me. And if you asked, they’d tell you the benefits they now enjoy with women and in their lives are worth 10x what they’ve paid. And now it’s your turn to enjoy these benefits, except you get them for FREE, delivered right into your earbuds.Read more »

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