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Give to those who give back to you! You want to give back to the community... this is how You want to support education... this is how You want to make sure your money is being used for positive change...this is how You want to help the world but don't know how... this is how Every day, you hold in your hands power that shapes reality. The dollar bill in your hand decides who lives and who dies. The purchases you make encourage manufacturers and distributors to "keep doing what they're doing" cus they're making loads of money. If you want to have any say in companies doing "the right thing" you have to support the ones that are, and refuse the ones that aren't. If you want the planet to be clean, give money to those that don't make a mess. If you want to make sure the future generation get a chance to live on this planet, you have to do something about it. It all starts with you. I'm not here to make money so I can party, or go on safari expeditions to shoot animals, or steal from people that have nothing. I'm here because I'm already a teacher and every day, I give back to different classes and different school. I'm already teaching freedom and independence. I'm already ringing myself dry giving back to the people around me. I'm already creating a positive message through my music and my art to try to reach bigger and bigger audience so they can start to take their lives back. So they can take control of their happiness. Take control of their fate and the fate of OUR planet. Every day I ask myself how I can better this world and then I do it. That is why I am here. You are here to help me. You are here to allow me to give this power to as mamy people as I can. You are here to give back to the world by giving to me so I can give even more. If you value quality, integrity, love, honesty, discipline, health or have even the slightest bit of interest in making sure this world can have a fighting chance, you will choose to purchase my quality, handmade products. You will choose quality over quantity and you are going to love not only the product but the idea behind it just as much! Feel proud to stand up and stand out! Feel ALMIGHTY!Read more »

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