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A Video Game Odyssey is a podcast that is light on spoilers, bias and nostalgia but heavy on being concise, clear and professional. Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AVGOdyssey Every other Wednesday, A Video Game Odyssey broadcasts short 7 to 10 minute retro reviews that scrutinise famed, forgotten or forgettable works of video games' past. Game length, genre, difficulty and critical reception are all handled in the first 30 seconds so that the rest of the time can be spent dissecting what each game tries to do differently, assessing a game's successes or shortcomings therein. Additionally, Coherent Rants, in which matters of the video game industry are considered within the framework of popular media as a whole, will be uploaded around once per month. Reviews adhere to one of two scoring systems. Reviews #1 to #16 are based on a 10-point scoring system, while reviews #17 and onwards use a named scoring system. Please listen to the "Quick Look at the Rating System" episode for more info and to hear the new scores for the original 16 reviews. The named score can either be a single or split score between: Abysmal - would not recommend to anyone Poor - would only lightly recommend to hardcore fans of the genre/series Average - would only recommend to hardcore fans of the genre/series Good - would recommend to general fans of the genre/series Great - would highly recommend to fans of the genre/series Excellent - would recommend to anyone interested in the game, genre or series Masterful - not perfect, but a game that consistently demonstrates such a high level of quality that I would urge anyone to at least give the game a chance regardless of genre/series. Inspirations for this podcast includes: Super Bunnyhop, Satchbag's Goods, Game Maker's Toolkit, Easy Allies and Edge Magazine UK. Logo by Grace Sandford (http://www.gracesandford.com)Read more »

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