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Whiskey and The Surfer is Alternative Realty Rock Programming. It's morning drive speed but for the maniacs who listen/work overnights. DJ Phantom drives the show with her algorithm cranked to 11 and Wes Key and Fliip Rivers break down all things weird news, tinfoil, faith, Metal and sweet riffs weekdays Noon Mountain Time. The hosts AM Morning Team Whiskey and The Surfer, (Wes Key and Fliip Riivers) unaware of what songs are coming then riff about their lives, opinions, news stories they've barely read. They will break down alternative realities, simulation theory, Faith, conspiracy and review movies they will never see. Wes Key and Fliip Riivers have both moved over from the AM side of the dial after being suspended they now form the duo Whiskey and The Surfer and have been trying to out do each other as they battle to be the 3rd voice on the Cart Path of life. Wes Key (Whiskey) is the cool headed married sober loveable optimist who loves rock and Fliip (The Surfer) is the immature brash tin foil hat party aficionado and knower of all things metal. Whiskey and The Surfer release weekdays at sexpotcomedy.com and cartpathdiem.com John Tole BIO John Tole is a Denver based Comedian, Witness of Elsewhere and the Host of Lord of The Riff, Whiskey and The Surfer, Robot Guitar School. Howard TV, High Plains Comedy Festival, SXSW Interactive, Moontower Comedy Festival, Oddball Comedy and Oddity Festival, Limestone Comedy Festival. Tole has released Whatever It Is You Do All Day, Pre Existing Condition, Shroomin and Kinda Alive at Coldtowne, Reign in Laughs, Live in Austin, Never a Victim of Circumstance, Clean and Jerk and 11 Rounds of MMA. For Music, he publishes under Pitboss 2000, PC Deathsquad, Lockjaw. 44 and Through It All.Read more »

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