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What if there was a reality where you were financially free, you had complete freedom of time and place, you were in perfect physical and mental health, and you lived in a city that looks like it came straight out of your wildest dreams? What if in that reality there was no war. No poverty. No hunger. No anxiety and depression. No suffering. Just abundance and bliss. This is the world that I'm trying to create. Join me on this journey in which I'll be creating the three main freedoms we are all looking to get: Money, Time, and Mind Freedom. We'll be talking about: 1) Creating financial freedom by making money online and creating passive income streams 2) Creating total freedom of time and place 3) Building the first fully resource-autonomous city in the world focused on human advancement and quality of life 4) Achieving your full potential for physical health 5) Achieving your full potential for spiritual awakening 6) Learning how to create happiness on demand This entrepreneurship and personal development journey is for anyone who believes life could be much better. It can be! I believe that there are two key projects that we must succeed at if we are to survive as humans. The first one is to become a multi-planetary species in case a huge piece of rock hits the Earth (or in case we nuke it). The second is to escape the matrix and to learn how to live in a completely new state of mind. Why? Because even if we successfully made it to Mars, if we continue living in our present state of ill consciousness, we will eventually annihilate each other and that new home planet of ours. So, the big question is this: Are you going to choose the red pill and awaken to the truth, or are you going to choose the blue pill and keep on dreaming that destructive collective dream that we are all living in. The choice is yours, my friend. My name is Simeon Ivanov. Welcome to the most exciting journey of your life.Read more »

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