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GOD : GAMING : COMMUNITY What is 3 Day Respawn? Biblical Truth, Brotherly Accountability, and Godly Love. 3 Day Respawn is a ministry which aims to provide Godly fellowship, companionship, and Biblical direction by offering a method of connecting with others through the video games based website, community events, and resources for anyone who plays games or knows someone who does. The ministry is based on a social media (Facebook) style community website which helps christian video game players connect with one another. The result is an experience of fellowship and mutual christian edification which is in stark contrast to the average video game playing experience. Our goal is to make disciples of all nations. Who are the people that make up 3 Day Respawn? The community is composed of volunteer staff members who are carefully chosen to guide and welcome new members, then to encourage connection with other members, then to love them and input Biblical truth into their lives as God opens opportunities. The people of 3 Day Respawn bring Biblical Truth, Brotherly Accountability, and Godly Love to online gaming. Why is the Lord using 3 Day Respawn? We are passionate about people, God's love for them, and God's truth for their lives. Millions of nameless and faceless people escape to an online world every night where they engage in conversation and debate about anything and everything without having to "see" the person they are talking to. This world, just like any arena, provides both danger and opportunity. The Danger: Corrupt language, hate speech, and discussion are rampant among many users of online gaming services. Users can assume any appearance or viewpoint they choose in a world where there appears to be no consequences for your actions. Bad company corrupts good morals. People can choose to become addicted to games or use them as an escape from their lives. This is a well that runs dry and will never satisfy a persons heart. The Opportunity: This anonymity also can give a person boldness to engage in spiritual and moral conversations as the Lord works in each persons heart. We have to remember that the Lord is always working on an individuals heart and we are being used to share God's plan and truth with them. Also, people need to be inspired to follow God and run the race that He has called them to. Games can be idols, but they can also be tools to be used for the glory of Jesus and the building up of His body. As it is w.Read more »

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