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a podcast for storytellers. a new episode every monday. 2 brown sheeps is a weekly podcast starring Saps and Tazo, 2 misfit-soulsisters. Our story: We met in the stairwell at the University of Virginia's drama building in the fall of 2004 after a directing class led by grumpy man named Bob. From the hello, we both knew we wanted to make art but we were too chicken to admit it as more than a hobby. Throughout the next 10 years, made in Kathmandu, Dhaka, London, Paris, Delhi, Quito, Prague, Berkeley and San Francisco, our memories would come to include: climbing through windows; beating up men larger than ourselves—and winning; countless serious loves now forgotten, and the recurring, restless dream to tell a story. Finally, in March 2017, in a spirit of angst through a voice dripping of desire, we agreed to create 2 brown sheeps, a podcast on the crust, but inside, a gooey, fruity filling of honest conversation and the occasional chunky conflict of misfits. We didn’t feel like the other sheep, that wanted us black or white, and so we left as proud brown and chose to be sheeps in an act of rebellion. It might not be grammatically or even politically correct, but it’s who we believe we are and it acts right to us. Join us as we commune between and among different worlds! Follow us here and also on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/2brown_sheeps/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/2brownsheeps Some of our FAQs: “Why are you called ‘2brownsheepS’ and not ‘2brownsheep’? You do know that sheepS is incorrect, right?” Yes, we know. But we have chosen intentionally to call ourselves sheepS because we stand in our respective individualities. “Why are you called ‘brown’ sheeps? Isn’t the expression ‘black’ sheep?” -as misfits, we connect with the expression of being a ‘black sheep’ but wanted something that reflected us specifically. -the color brown is what you get if you make a mess of all the colors by mixing them up. As mixes of many places, people and stories being 'brown' in that sense resonates with the both of us. -and of course, we have a brown coat. (Credit for intro/outro/transition music for episodes 1-5 goes to RM Jackson and Rod Weinstein from SESAC)Read more »

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