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If don't feel like reading just listen and watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbscVgRm1zA We matter because YOU matter. Many of us are fans for fans we are not the professionals. Evidently they can't get the job done. So we are the Badasses on the radio. Who care about the people, the local bands, the local sports, the local and indie music scene. Their kiss ass nature passed the torch to us. And we don't tolerate or accept spoon fed trash period. We don't believe the media. Cause they lie. They are paid to spread lies. Our word is bond. Come check out the rapidly growing live and uncensored local talk radio show, Listen live or anytime. We have great band interviews, kickass talented local/indie music, very informative and entertaining sports shows. and a brand new website made my Eric Blue Wilson. http://www.2locoradionetwork.com/ We believe regardless of walk of life color/accent/religion/gender/nationality/financial status we are all the same. Labels are meant on Jars. And Barcodes are left behind bars. You did your time and now free. Cool with us. We all make mistakes. Our shit all stinks a time or 21. on any mobile download Spreaker app on Google play, Windows Phone marketplace, or, Itunes and search for 2 loco radio. 3. Search 2 loco on Tune inn radio. 4. If you like our show please click on follow so never miss any of our exciting shows. People ask us all the time why do we care? What difference does it make to talk about issues that bother us? They say things won't change and we are power less. What some don't get. Is they are right. We don't do this to change the world and make it a better place. We do this to relate and tell a true story on our lives and relate to others who feel the same way we do. Those who are tired of being seen as just another bar code to the system. And also know we have to. It is not a choice. To bond together and build something great together. People don't have options sides the cards they are dealt. It is not as easy as say just leave or bury your feelings. There are many Variables that join in the equation. The one's that run things do not care for us. Our well being is not in their best interest. Our stories they wont understand. They never been homeless, abandoned, had roommates that love to party and stuck them with bills, dysfunctional families etc. So if we use any medication not doctor approved, drink too much, smoke, or make a mistake. Looked down upon like we are beneath them. Which.Read more »

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