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12 Years in China is an interview series based on the life and times of one Jake Linnel. Jake lived in China until June of 2016. Upon returning to the USA, his old friend, Nate Maughan, essentially beat him into submission and forced him and his family to stay in Utah to endeavor this podcast and several other opportunities surrounding Jake’s 12-plus year excursion in the communist country. Jake lived, loved, learned, and even started a family in China. The this series will explore his time and experience there while Nate shares his parallel experience stateside. The two old friends maintain witty banter, disperse opinionated and expletive-filled vernacular, and they have a great time doing it. It is recommended that one starts the series at the beginning for context, but each episode is as entertaining as it’s cohorts, and one could enter this maze of Mandarin madness on any episode. 12 Years in China is a Moonlight Project.Read more »

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