11 Podcasts To Turn You Into A World Cup Hooligan

1. Brazil? Italy? England? How to Choose Which Team to Root for.

Who do you root for in the upcoming World Cup? The World's soccer editor, William Troop, and Roger Bennett of the soccer podcast Men in Blazers offer suggestions on choosing a team that might be a little off the beaten path.

2. Give Us Your Ten Pence On Rooney in Brazil!

How will the Three Lions fare in Brazil?

3. Will A Seleção Win Number 5?

Is This the Best Verde-Amarela Ever?

4. Can Anyone Stop La Celeste?

Is Suarez the best in the world?

5. Is This The Twilight Of Italian Football?

Or can an untested experiment reinvent this aging team?

6. Can the Yanks Survive The Group Of Death?

What do you think US Soccer's chances are in Brazil?

7. The World Cup Is Not Yours: ScarFace Is Out!

Will They Survive?

8. Samurai Blue... I Choose You!

SPOILER: Their mascot will totally beat up your mascot!

9. World Cup Trophy: Small, But Its Aura Can't Be Beat.

The World Cup trophy looks amazing on television. Light dances off it. And that's what FIFA thought it would do when they saw the original design in 1971, made by a man in Milan, Italy.

10. Hear The Songs That Make The World Cup From A Man Who Has Been To The Last 8 Tournaments

Listen to the heartbeat of humanity.

11. Can Germany Be Knocked Out Before Knock Out?

Will the Germans face trouble in Brazil?

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