Your Summer Road Trip Playlist

1. Open Road Edition: Revisiting Kerouac's 'On the Road'

For almost six decades, Jack Kerouac’s classic novel has been a totem for anyone who crawls behind the wheel in search of adventure. Studio 360 wanted to find out whether the book still speaks to readers—and provoked a little marital tension in the process. Subscribe to Studio 360.

2. Open Road Edition: Billy Joel's Life On and Off the Road

Alec Baldwin sits down with fellow Long Islander Billy Joel—at the piano—for a conversation about life, and the musical choices he’s made. Subscribe to Here's The Thing.

3. Open Road Edition: Movies in Motion

A father writes in to Movie Date to ask for suggestions on what to show his 8-year-old daughter while on a road trip. Also, Jack Black’s new movie, “The D Train,” focuses on a man traveling from his small town to LA to get the BMOC to come back for the high school reunion. Finally, the Sofia Vergara/Reese Witherspoon film “Hot Pursuit” is about a criminal and cop on an unlikely road trip. Subscribe to Movie Date.

4. Open Road Edition: Time

Are we there yet? Radiolab explores the strange, subjective nature of time—from a sped-up spin through childhood, to a really, really slowed-down Beethoven symphony. Subscribe to Radiolab.

5. Open Road Edition: Bumblebee Takes Flight at High Velocity

The Fishko Files explores the backstory of one of classical music's most frenetic songs.  Subscribe to The Fishko Files.

6. Open Road Edition: The Bus of the Future Will Catch You

Note to Self talks to someone who says his technology will be the first fundamental evolution in mass transit since subway tracks were laid. Subscribe to Note To Self.

7. Open Road Edition: Fact Checking John Steinbeck

Fifty years ago, John Steinbeck took a road trip across America with his dog and published a non-fiction book about it. But as On The Media finds out, it’s mostly a fabrication. Subscribe to On The Media.

8. Open Road Edition: James McBride on Fast Cars and Slow Living

Death Sex & Money talks to the best-selling author of The Color of Water about a life divided between his BMW days and his pickup truck days. (He loves the latter.) Subscribe to Death Sex & Money.

9. Open Road Edition: Drive 80 MPH Without Touching the Gas

Will Knight covers artificial intelligence and robotics for MIT Technology Review. He traveled to Germany and got a taste for what it feels like to take your hands off the wheel, remove your feet from the pedals and let the car take over while zipping across Germany at 80 miles per hour. Subscribe to Money Talking.

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