Listen to Your Heart for Valentines

1. Hacking OKCupid to Find True Love

A mathematician has written a new book that tells you the secret of OKCupid's algorithms.

2. Never Say Goodbye

Danny and Annie Perasa first came to StoryCorps in 2004 to share their love story. Two years later, Danny was diagnosed with terminal cancer. A week before he died, Danny and Annie sat down for one last interview. Recently, StoryCorps spoke with Annie about her life today.

3. Can You Still Land an Online Date with the 'Worst' Profile?

If you've ever tried online dating, you know that it's sometimes a crapshoot and maybe you think you have all the bad luck.

4. Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Guest host Robert Sean Leonard presents a program of stories about finding love in unexpected places. 'I Love Girl' by Simon Rich; performed by Michael Ian Black; in the belly of a whale - 'Then We Lived Together In the Belly of a Whale, Some Nights Were Perfect' by Mara Sternberg, performed by BD Wong; and a corporate getaway by N.M Kelby, performed by Amy Ryan.

5. Cracking the Love Code

Meet a mother who could very accurately analyze her daughter's dates, after a short conversation. Then later, if love is the drug, this guy may have the disease.

6. How to Snag a Valentine

'Dates & Mates' hosts three different certified dating coaches to discuss what you can do today today to snag a date in time for Valentines' Day.

7. Wine & Chocolate for Valentine's Day

Laurie visited Irem Eren at AYZA Wine Bar in the West Village to unravel the secrets of wine and chocolate pairings!

8. Your Astrological Guide to Valentine's Day

February 2014 Astrological Forecast with astrologer Karen White and guest astrologer Dr. Steve Moreau. The general placement of the planets and their relationship to each, as well as the Nakshatra placement of the New and Full Moon affecting February is discussed.

9. Best Valentine's Day Gifts & Why People Cheat

This episode is about why people cheat and the best Valentine's Day Gifts to buy. (Heck, if you're single, I'm talking about the best gifts to buy yourself.) There are many theories about why people cheat, including fear of intimacy, unfulfilled desires in a relationship, and the need for validation from others.

10. Dear Economist, I Need A Date

Last week, we solicited your questions about dating, sex and love. This one came from 17-year-old, Arthur, who lives in Pittsburgh:I am a senior in high school and I have never been on a date. Should I be worried about this? When I do finally meet someone, will I be hurt by my inexperience?On today's show, economist and author, Tim Harford, applies economic theory to Arthur's question. He also tackles polyamory and offers suggestions on how to change your spouse's behavior.

11. Spend Valentines Day With Your Robot

Valentine's Day is almost here! In the future, will humans and robots fall in love with each other and develop romantic relationships?

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