Top 10 Trivia Shows

1. Chillin' Like A Villain

Bust out your monacle, twirl up that 'stache, and stroke your hairless cat because it's time to get evil. This week, we're headed to our secret island lair to celebrate trivia about villains. Where did the word come from? And we all know that the butler did it, but who was the first butler to actually do it? Colin discovers the real Goldfinger behind James Bond lore, and Dana makes us do impressions for her villain catchphrase quiz. Karen keeps the bat at bay with a quiz about ridiculous Batman villains.

2. Totally Biased, Totally Hilarious

In 1955, Variety predicted rock 'n roll would be dead by summer. Boy, were they wrong! We can't predict the future either, but we can invite you to learn the ups and downs of hosting your own TV show, from a comedian who's been there — this week's V.I.P., W. Kamau Bell.

3. What's Up, Doc?

This week's rounds are Music (Terrible Twins), Birds of Prey, Cartoon Catchphrases (Quickfire), and Music Too. Music is My Eagle by The Long Now.

4. Trivia's Guide to the Galaxy

This week we take on The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, celebrity baby names, DR words, the films of Robin Williams and Viking Ninjas. Have fun!

5. Comedian Medly: Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

1) Not My Job: Comedian Jeff Garlin Gets Quizzed On The IgNobels 2) Humorist John Hodgman Plays 'Not My Job' 3) Amy Sedaris Plays 'Not My Job' 4) Comedian Tig Notaro Plays Not My Job 5) Not My Job: Jim Gaffigan Takes A Quiz On Gwyneth Paltrow

6. Pub Quiz Fun!

It's our 5th annual Pub Quiz! My God, we've been doing this for a while now. I call it a "Radio Quiz" in the opening, but pay no attention to that. One extra point to anyone who sends proof they did the quiz in a Pub. Also, it's worth 50 yo-yos to the winner. We will post the Answers podcast, along with the name of the winner, in March.

7. Rama Lama Ding Dong

Join KALW for another impressive round of the Bay Area's most popular quiz show!

8. Victor DeLorenzo & Michael Phillips Join Whad'Ya Know?

Michael Feldman and the Whad'Ya Know? crew roll into Kenosha for a live broadcast from the Rita Tallent Picken Regional Center for Arts and Humanities. Victor DeLorenzo (of Violent Femmes fame) has a new band called Nineteen Thirteen and they'll take the stage as Michael's Musical guest, and film critic Michael Phillips will talk about movies and more! Then Don McNeil, local reality TV producer, will talk about his latest project and Greg York, brewmaster of Kenosha based Rustic Road Brewery, will share a brew with Michael!

9. Disney Drinking Game!

Explicit episode, for your listening (not drinking) pleasure. Guests Wendy Vazquez, Joaquin Barreto and Genaro Alvarez join The Funhouse for a Disney Trivia Drinking Game! Listen as we slowly but surely drift into madness, as we start the episode sober, and end it... well, the opposite of sober! All while answering Disney Trivia. Cheers!

10. Lightning Round: Movie & Soundtrack Trivia

A solid round of classic movie plots, soundtrack clips, and themes. Enjoy!

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