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1. An Expert’s Preview of Election Night

As this year's hard-fought presidential race enters its final days, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are campaigning for a path to the 270 electoral votes needed to take the White House. NewsHour Weekend Special Correspondent Jeff Greenfield offers a close look at the key results and trends to watch for, hour by hour.

2. Election Extravaganza!

Election day is here! We celebrate with some favorite politics pods. Sam Sanders tells tales from the campaign trail, we gab with The Pollsters and laugh off the election with comedian Negin Farsad.

3. Squad Gourds

My Favorite Murder is the perfect coffee table podcast for you. This week Karen and Georgia unpack the "My Way" killings in the Philippines and the terrible murder of Scott Amedure.

4. Week 10 NFL Lines With Cousin Sal

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Cousin Sal to discuss Matthew Stafford's comeback (6:00), who's going to win the NFC North (10:00), Melvin Gordon's redemption (14:00), the NFL's top records against the spread (18:00), Zeke Elliott's entertaining running style (25:00), Drew Brees's MVP potential (31:00), how bad Jared Goff is (39:00), Mike McCarthy's play-calling (48:00), Jeff Fisher vs. Jack Del Rio (52:00), and Seahawks-Pats on 'Sunday Night Football' (55:00).

5. S1E05 - Contrapasso

David and Joanna recap the fifth episode of the first season of Westworld, "Contrapasso." Read Joanna's new theory about the two timelines here: Check out Matt Singer's recap of the episode here: Check out Alan Sepinwall's thoughts on the dangers of twist-based storytelling:

6. This Is Your Brain on Podcasts

Neuroscientists still have a great deal to learn about the human brain. One recent MRI study sheds some light, finding that a certain kind of storytelling stimulates enormous activity across broad swaths of the brain. The takeaway is obvious: you should be listening to even more podcasts. Show your support for Freakonomics Radio and all the great podcasts from WNYC Studios with a donation today. Just click here to give:

7. Microdosing PCP

Hannibal, Tony and special guest Al Jackson are in a “divorced dad suite” in Victoria, BC for the latest Handsome Rambler. They talk about the very drunk fan at their last show, how Uber is killing our sense of direction, why you should never eat airport food on the way out, and why Hannibal almost never takes hosting gigs.This episode is brought to you by Mack Weldon, Blue Apron, SeatGeek, Helix Sleep, and Wondery's "Secrets, Crimes and Audiotape."

8. Facing Our Weirdest Selves

After exchanging hand-drawn postcards for a year, two data designers discover how compiling and parsing the little things in life can lead to unexpected self-reflection-- and friendship. Those real-life pen pals and authors of the book, Dear Data, divulge some of their most revealing discoveries to Manoush with a special Note to Self soundtrack. 

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