TRD Clips - Group 4

1. How to Bike Hike and the Primal Power Method

Listen in as Gary Collins shares his own approach to exploring with his bike and hike combo and also shares how to stay energetic with the Primal Power Method.  Alternative biking.  Alternative eating.  Alternative living.  Want to be healthy?  Gary gained his insights from working for the FDA, from his sport science degree, and from a lifetime of personal discovery.  Now he wants to help you be healthy too.

2. Patricia Gay - Women in Motorcycle Racing

What is it like to find your passion and really go for it?  Patricia Gay did just that when she found motorcycles.  Before she even finished her first rider class, she had already decided to race!  Join us as Patricia shares how much fun riding and racing can be.www.fullthrottleacademy.com303-503-7381Find out how to get a huge discount on your Basic Rider Course!

3. Overlanding 101: Taking Offroading to the Next Level

Welcome to the High Sierra 4x4 Podcast! I’m your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my co host Jeff Bakken. We have been wheeling for 15 years and we are here to share our passion for off roading with you!! Whether you’re looking for a Sunday drive or some hard core rock crawling!! We will cover it all!Episode 35!! Your inovative and multi function Jeep Jk Storage and mounting solutions.What's up Jeff? Announcements: July Giveaway!! Look forward to an interview with the owner and creater of JKSkinz next week!! Register now for the giveaway!!Interviewed Sean on Episode 32 Main Topic: Overlanding 1011) Complexity is the enemy: Keep the vehicle as simple and reliable as possible.2) Weight is the enemy of performance:
 Keep the vehicle as light as possible, removing heavy items that provide limited value or are never used. The goal should be 90% of GVWR or less.Listener Feedback: Send us your questions and comments!!!podcast@highsierra4x4.comWhat are your thoughts on RHD jeeps? Can any lift go on them? Are parts interchangeable? Should you stay away for building a rig for extreme off roading? Seems fun and different, as you don’t see them on the trail much. Also love the podcast been listening since day 1.BrianHey guys,I own a 2009 JK that I bought from a senior guy who absolutely cherished the JK. Never been offroad. I have noticed at my 32K it uses oil...Like a quart per 3000/miles. What;s up with this???Hey Guys,Love the show, but I just wanted to point out a small inaccuracy from the opening of the show. One of you said that there was no cars that use a combustion engine to power an electric motor, however this is how some of the gas/electric hybrids work. For example, a Chevy Volt runs that way. Here is a passage from the Wikipedia article:

4. Beware the Bears: Packing the Right Camping Gear

Episode 25 - Camping Gear ThoughtsWelcome to the High Sierra 4x4 Podcast!! I’m your host Greg Bakken and joining me is my co host Jeff Bakken. We have been wheeling for 15 years and we are here to share our passion for off roading with you!! Whether you’re looking for a Sunday drive or some hard core rock crawling!! We will cover it all!Episode 25!!Switch pros the maker of the SEMA award winning 8 switch programmable switch panel system. Order yours today at switch-pros.comWhat's up Jeff? Announcements: Giveaway!!Switch-Pros recognized the need for a customizable switch panel system which would allow vehicle operators to consolidate their accessory switches into one compact and versatile panel. With the anticipated impact this new product line would have in the marketplaceMain Topic: Camping GearBackpacking!! Getting out on your own and seeing what you're made of…Gear…Kelty Salida 2REI 1.5 Air RailHomemade quiltBear vaultKatadyn Hiker ProPlatypus Gravity feed filterJetboilREI Travel PillowColumbia Jacket and FleeceListener Feedback: Send us your questions and comments!!!podcast@highsierra4x4.comThread of the Week:Suggested Thread of the Week!PowerTank Monster Valve InstallEvents and Happenings:Signal Peak Night Run with Sierra LED June 20th. Order Tee Shirts online!!Outro:podcast@highsierra4x4.comwww.highsierra4x4com/

5. Risk Management When Building Your Own Trails

How liable are you for trails you build? Whats the best way to cover your Assetts when it comes to someone getting hurt? How can you keep people from getting hurt on your trails? Listen in to find out the answers to those questions. Also, hear how the Tennessee Wildlife Resouce Agency is losing its collective mind by implementing a

6. Racer Bill Baird on His First Offroading Adventure

In this Off-Road podcast I talk with Bill Baird from Bill Baird Motorsports.  Bill is a 66 year old Ultra4 racer who competes with the best Ultra 4 racers in the world.  Bill shares his history, experience, advice, and stories in this podcast.Whether you have a Jeep JK,TJ,YJ,CJ or other 4x4, 4-wheel drive, off-road vehicle, mudder, rock crawler, bouncer, or any other off-road vehicle...Off-Road Add-On's has a 4x4 podcast for you.  Visit us at for more great off-road content, podcasts, and product reviews.               jeep, custom jeep,4x4,4 wheel drive,4-wheel,off-road,wrangler,jk,lj,cj, ultra4, ultra 4 baja, racing, KOH, King of the Hammers, Moab

7. Kids and Camping: Keeping Them Engaged

Camping is one of the greatest outdoor recreational activities that kids can take part in. Keeping them motivated and interested can be somewhat challenging at times. This week, Skip explains the importance of allowing kids to be engaged in all aspects of camping. From buying gear to planning menus, to helping decide where to pitch a tent, youngsters who actively take part are more likely to make camping a part of their adult life.

8. Detailing the Hot Springs Trail

It's summatime! On this month’s show, we tribute to Wild Bill, the Trail Show hits 200,000, D-Low goes to New Mexico, special guest Aria Zoner talks to us about the Hot Springs Trail and, POD elaborates on the virtues of preparation, Mags vacations at a massacre site, hammock piñatas are not recommended, and we take a look at “Tracks.” We also lift our sombreros to our Trail Show monthly donors, read a few memorandums from the Mailbag and Mags talks ducks during the Gear Review. And as always … Beer O’ Da Month (courtesy of John Miller), Trail News with Mags, Trail O’ Da Month (Hot Springs Trail), Disco’s Trail Tip O’ Da Month and Ask-A-Hiker with D-Low. This month’s episode of The Trail Show is brought to you by the Continental Divide Trail Coalition! Join CDTC today at

9. 5 Things You Need to Know to Beat the Sun on a Trail

Today on The First 40 Miles, the Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Beat the Sun. Then on the SUMMIT Gear Review, we’ll show you the perfect pouch that will help you transport your grandma’s famous jalapeno jelly to your favorite outdoor spot. Then our Backpack Hack of the Week will either singe your fingers or melt your gloves—all in the hope of having rope that won’t unravel! And we’ll wrap up the show with a little trail wisdom from our good friend on the trail, British Historian, Sir George Trevelyan.Show Notes: Episode 035Opening * Our Nestucca Trip Report * Our search for

10. Life Is Unknown with Conrad Anker

Conrad Anker is a world renowned mountaineer who has redefined what's possible in climbing over the past three decades. His accomplishments span from climbing 8000m peaks without oxygen in the Himalaya, to first ascents in Antarctica, to big wall climbing in Patagonia. In 1999, he located George Mallory's body on Mt Everest. Most recently, Meru, a documentary about the first ascent of the Shark's Fin on Meru, won the Audience Choice award for documentaries at the Sundance Film Festival.

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