TRD Clips - Group 2

1. A Summer of Hiking: The Great Plains Trail

Special guest Steve Myers talks to us about the Great Plains Trail, POD flashes an armpit, D-Low hikes to the Cannabis Cup, we skype in Sirena Dufault to talk Arizona Trail, tater chips are crushed, a new idea on where to hike on that trip of a lifetime is explored and we watch “Flip Flop Flipped” – Squatch’s final installment in his AT trilogy of documentaries. We also angle our sunhats towards our Trail Show monthly donors, read a few telexes from the Mailbag and Wild Bill relays multi-use stove fuel during the Gear Review.

2. What It Means To Be a Hunter-Conservationist

We’re joined by author and host of Meateater TV, Steven Rinella and we’re talking conservation. This is a good one, so settle in and enjoy!

3. Owning Your Rock: Making the Canvas Climbable

Paul Robinson is one of the world's best boulderers. If you didn't know that already, you better get schooled because this guy has put down countless numbers of the world's hardest boulder problems. He has opened up bouldering areas and fought to push climbing's limits around the globe. In this episode Paul Robinson discusses why he does it and what the future has in store for him.

4. The Untold History of Sasquatch

Once upon a time, Mark and Seth sat down and recounted some not-so-legendary tales of Bigfoot. This week they revisit that subject with some of their favorite sighting stories. They lead off with Momo, dig into the River Styx Monster and uncover still more lesser-known creature sightings.

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