Top 10 Storytelling Episodes This Week

1. Expect the Unexpected

Guest host Neil Gaiman presents tales with surprises. Jane Yolen's "The Babysitter" is a contemporary Gothic with a twist; James Thurber's classic "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" introduces a milquetoast with attitude; Ray Bradbury's "The Pedestrian" anticipated our media-driven lives; and Thurber's "The Wood Duck" seems to have nine lives. The readers are Isaiah Sheffer, Dick Cavett, Jamey Sheridan, and Malachy McCourt.

2. Education

Michael Ian Black and others tell true stories at Brown University. A free re-release of a classic episode. Others are available only in the Albums section of the iTunes store for $0.99 each.

3. Night Raid

Combat photographer Louie Palu tells the story behind his portrait of a wounded Afghan soldier aboard a U.S. Army Medevac helicopter.

4. How I Got Into College

Students all over are starting college this month, and some of them still have a nagging question: what, exactly, got me in? An admissions officer tells us the most wrongheaded things applicants try. And Michael Lewis has the incredible story of how a stolen library book got one man, Emir Kamenica, into his dream school. Photo: Emir as a Harvard undergrad. Credit Terri Wang.

5. Environmental Engineering

An environmental engineer is called to public service.

7. The Missileers

Go down into the silo with the missileers. Their hands are on the nuclear keys, and they practice the end of the world over and over.

8. Why I'm Here

Connie Labetti remembers her boss, Ron Fazio, who died in the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001.

9. Chef and The Farmer

A southern girl moves to New York City to become a chef and swears she'll never look back. But now Vivian Howard is home in rural North Carolina, making southern staples fancy at her restaurant Chef and Farmer.

10. The Mis-Education of Denise Ruiz

Hopping from school to school, Denise struggles to understand her teachers and connect to her lessons, until she runs into an english teacher who shows her the spellbinding power that literature can hold.

11. Karen Lee: Footnotes

A true story and conversation with Karen Lee about a crush gone awry.

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