Election Day News

1. What Will Be The Message This Election Day?

The big news is expected to be from the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia. Other races to watch include mayoral contests in New York, Boston, Detroit and Minneapolis. Also, many states and localities have ballot initiatives — including whether the Astrodome should be torn down.

2. Tracking Election Day

Virginia and New Jersey governor races have national significance. What's the latest?

3. Informal, Unofficial, Thoroughly Unscientific Exit Poll: Enthusiasm Gauge

If the polls are correct, there's not much suspense in either the NYC mayor's or NJ governor's races, but how enthusiastic is your support?

4. Greatest political speaker ever

Tucker Carlson: Gov. Christie is the greatest political speaker I've ever seen

5. How Texas Votes

Taking a look at how Texas has voted in the most recent Elections Days and how new laws may change that.

6. Beck covers Election 2013

Glenn is positive about the future and he explains why, along with what the American people want in a leader. Also, is it possible for the GOP to win the upcoming election...Glenn explains how.

7. The NSA Knows How You Voted

It's election day in an off-off year, but still important to vote and make sure your vote counts. Nicole talks with former CIA analyst Ray McGovern about Edward Snowden, Chelsea (Bradley) Manning, and the security state. And GottaLaff joined in to talk about the insanity of it all.

8. Lessons from Election Day 2013

| Virginia Governors' Race: A GOP Referendum? | Report Claims Military Doctors Complicit in Torture | SAC Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading, Pays a Record $1.8 Billion | Billions of Earth-Like Planets in the Galaxy | A Crack at Algorithms: Bridging the Gap Between Humans and Computers | Can Data-Tracking Devices Help Kids Stay Active?

9. Kicking Ass

Steve and Fripp (not that one) talk Election Day 2013 and the Great Nullification Crusade of the GOP.

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