So You Think You Can Podcast?

1. It's All About The Feed, Baby

'Podcasting FAQs' breaks down how a podcast is delivered. What's an RSS feed and why do I need one?

2. Be Our Guest: Podcast hosting options

So it's all about the feed but that feed needs a host. The Audacity to Podcast suggests some of the best options to consider.

3. Earn $18,000 a month with your podcast

John Lee Dumas talks to 'School of Podcasting' about how, in just one year, his show 'Entrepreneur on Fire' is making thousands of dollars each month and reaching hundreds of thousand listeners. Listen to John's infectious passion!

4. The Future of Podcasting is Mobile

The Feed, the official podcast of Libsyn, brings a lively discussion on podcasting's future, including mobile, social and digital media consumption numbers.

5. Brave New World: Norm Pattiz

Media veteran, National Radio Hall of Famer, broadcasting entrepreneur Norm Pattiz has entered the podcasting space. He sits down on 'The New Media Show' and discusses how he's ready to monetize the industry.

6. What Defines Success for a New Podcast?

Podcast Answer Man, Cliff Ravenscraft, shares his thoughts on how to truly define success for a podcast.

7. The Nerdist and Earwolf: What they are doing

General Manager of Nerdist Industries, Chris Fealy, chats with Jeff Ullrich, CEO of Earwolf, about building successful podcasting networks.

8. Editing, Equipment and More

Marc Hershon from Succotash Show joins 'Podcasting 101' to talk about everything from booking interviews to equipment and editing. Great basic tips.

9. Why Do It? There's a Podcasting Boom | USA TODAY

The popularity of podcasting is surging. Listening and subscriptions are way up, more celebrities like Alec Baldwin, Jeff Garlin and Joan Rivers have joined the form, and new avenues for listening are emerging. Jefferson Graham reports for USA TODAY Talking Tech.

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