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1. Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville shows up to the garage with his hand in a splint, which is appropriate for the guy behind Jackass and Bad Grandpa. Marc talks to Johnny about where his prankster nature comes from and why he's compelled to risk his safety for the best stunts. Johnny also talks about the moving tributes paid to his late friend Ryan Dunn.

2. Botched Investigation Fuels Kennedy Conspiracy Theories

It's been 50 years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, and polls show that a majority of Americans still believe Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy, not a lone assassin. Philip Shenon, author of A Cruel and Shocking Act, explores what keeps these conspiracy theories alive.

3. The American Peril

Imperial temptations and humanitarian nightmares force the United States of the late 19th Century to confront the contradictions between its revolutionary self-image and its expanding national interests.

4. Jillian Lauren: The Prince & I

A woman boards a plane for Brunei in search of a modern day fairy tale.

5. Todd Glass Joins The Joe Rogan Experience

Todd Glass is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called "The Todd Glass Show"

6. Comedy Bang Bang Halloween Special

Beware listeners, today's spOoOoky edition of Comedy Fang! Fang! might be too scary for the faint hearted but hopefully the zombie killing expertise of The Walking Deads Steven Yeun will help you face your fears! Join Scott & Steven (if you dare) as...

7. Why Bad Environmentalism Is Such an Easy Sell

Being green is rarely a black-and-white issue -- but that doesn't stop marketers and politicians from pretending it is.

8. Famous Tumors

When we first released Famous Tumors, Rebecca Skloot's book about the life and legacy of Henrietta Lacks (and her famous cells) had just hit the shelves. Since then, some interesting things have happened to both Henrietta's cells and her family. So, 4 years later, we have a newly updated show!

9. 10-26-2013 Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!

Stories: 1) Who's Carl This Time 2) Panel Round One 3) Bluff The Listener 4) Not My Job: What Does John Lithgow Know About Flops? 5) Panel Round Two 6) Limericks 7) Lightning Fill In The Blank 8) Prediction

10. "Because" as a Preposition

What's up with sentences such as I didn't do my homework because Skyrim?

11. Turning Points

Our lives are often defined by turning points. They can happen gradually or in an instant. But how do we reconcile the before and the after — our former selves with who we've become? In this hour, we hear from TED speakers who have been shaped by profound turning points in their lives.

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