What to Listen to While The Colbert Report is on Vacation

1. Bryan Cranston on The Adam Carolla Show

Bryan Cranston appeared on The Colbert Report on 8/1. Here Cranston joins Adam, Alison, and Bryan for a live podcast and discusses the last season of 'Breaking Bad'.

2. Robin Thicke discusses Blurred Lines video

Robin Thicke appeared on The Colbert Report on 8/6. Here he discusses his much-debated song, "Blurred Lines" and why he put topless women in the video. From: Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio.

3. Hugh Laurie: 'I Wanted To Be A Sitting-Down Guitarist'

Hugh Laurie appeared on The Colbert Report on 8/5. Here he is on Soundcheck from WNYC talking about his first album purchase and his love of guitars.

4. Kevin Spacey Rocks 'House Of Cards'

Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey appeared on The Colbert Report on 8/14. Here, before it was a bonafide hit, he talks on NPR's Fresh Air about the Netflix original series, House of Cards.

5. Ashton Kutcher on playing Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher appeared on The Colbert Report on 8/7. Here he talks with Ryan Seacrest about his new film 'Jobs' and his Teen Choice Award speech.

6. Matt Damon gives his view on this season's New England Patriots

Matt Damon appeared (and saved Stephen's life) on The Colbert Report on 8/8. Here he joins Rich Eisen and discusses the possible correlation between his Oscar win and Boston's championships.

7. Tumblr Founder David Karp: Internet Wunderkind

Tumblr's David Karp appeared on The Colbert Report on 7/16. A lot has changed for Karp over the last year, here on the day of Facebook's 2012 IPO, he discusses his successful micro-blogging site and whether he owns Facebook stock.

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