2014 Winter Olympic Coverage

1. Tappen: U.S. 'Definitely' The Favorite Over Canada

Canada is widely believed to have assembled the best collection of talented hockey players in the world for their Olympic roster, but NHL Network's Kathryn Tappen feels like Team USA is the favorite in today's game.

2. Behind The Scenes At The Olympics

The athletes who are competing in Sochi have our attention, naturally. But their stories are told by writers and reporters who are covering the games. Find out from them what it is like to cover the big events.

3. All Olympics Special: Insiders take on Figure Skating

Lian and Monica connect on the first weekend of the Olympics: snowstorms create perfect Olympic viewing conditions. Mark Welch, the Satellite Sisters Figure Skating insider, on the scandals, coaching changes, mental breakdowns and fans faves that make figure skating so dramatic.

4. U.S. Ski Team’s Winning Formula Includes Plenty Of Fun

On the Cross Country Skiing World Cup scene, the U-S Women are known as the team that has the most fun. And you can bet they'll have more glitter, face paint and fancy socks than any other Olympic team in Sochi. The accessories may seem silly, but they've also become an important element in the phenomenal success of the team.

5. Athletes prepare to prove their medal at Sochi

In Sochi, the Olympic torch made its final tour and some preliminary competitions got underway. A day before the opening ceremony, Gwen Ifill gets a preview of the venues, the security, the new official events and the athletes to watch from Steve Wilson of the Associated Press, who is in Russia to cover the Olympic Games.

6. The problem with Sochi Hotels

On today's show, we cover the surprising hotel conditions in Sochi,

7. Exploring Curling

CSNNE's Trenni Kusnierek is in Sochi covering curling, so we heard from her and got a glimpse of what the Olympic village is like.

8. All Things Anti-Gay In Russia

In terview with journalist David Tuller, author of "Cracks In The Iron Closet"

9. Who is sponsoring the Olympics?

If you attend the Sochi Olympics, you’ll see a big presence by U.S. corporate sponsors -- but not so much here at home. Corporate sponsors are keeping a low profile in the U.S., for fear of bad associations with Russian corruption.

10. Live with the Sochi protesters

Ben James is live on the streets of London talking to protesters demonstrating against the Olympics in Sochi, and to Russians there and in Moscow.

11. Olympic Flame Travels By Dogsled

The Olympic flame traveled by dogsled through the capital of Chukotka in Russia earlier this week. The torch was carried by Russian musher Mikhail Telpin.

12. Spacewalking with the Olympic Torch

Astronauts at the International Space Station took to a spacewalk with the Olympic torch shortly. Astrobiologist from ANU's Planetary Science Institute, Aditya Chopra, tells us more.

13. U.S. Biathlete Gives Up Olympic Spot To Her Twin Sister

Lanny and Tracy Barnes competed on the U.S. Olympic team in 2006, and Lanny competed in 2010. This year, Tracy gave her spot on the team to Lanny, who was ill during the selection races and just missed qualifying. "The Olympics are about more than just competing," Tracy says.

14. Bill Nye and Ken Ham Debate, Sochi Problems, Nightmares

Dave Rubin and the panel discuss the Bill Nye and Ken Ham debate, a distrubing sotry coming out of the Sochi Olympics, a new study about nightmares and much more.

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