8 Conversations With Celebs That'll Make You Smarter

1. Kurt Cobain On Being An Outcast, His Parents' Divorce, And Parenting

RIP Kurt Cobain

2. Jane Fonda On Age, Divorce, And Sexuality

Can we be this articulate and empowering when we're 76 years old please?

3. Rainn Wilson On Faith And Failure

Is there anything better than big talks with Rainn?

4. Robin Williams On Alcoholism, Divorce, And Fame

What a legend!

5. Elizabeth Banks On Body Image And College

This smart, funny lady owns.

6. Judy Greer On Writing And Comedy

We <3 the brilliant hilarious Judy Greer!

7. Ben Stiller On Anxieties And Family Life

We could listen to Zoolander talk for hours.

8. Laura Dern On Her Career And Taking Risks

This wicked smart lady sits down with Marc Maron for a super interesting conversation about acting, taking on challenges, and her career!

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