A Wide World of Wrestling Podcasts

1. Chris Hamrick

Chris Hamrick aka Confederate Currency has been wrestling 30 years! Known mainly for his time in the original ECW, Hamrick has been wrestling in the Mid Atlantic region for years. Chris sits with Colt Cabana and talks wrestling.

2. Raw, John Cena Return, Hell in a Cell

Brian and Steve talk about Raw from Monday night including the announced return of John Cena at the Hell in a Cell PPV, the latest on the Daniel Bryan - Randy Orton storyline, Big Show getting fired, Orton's position, Rob Van Dam's status with the company, Hulk Hogan and more.

3. Dr. Lucha Steve Sims and the Cubsfan

Figure Four Daily with Bryan Alvarez returns today with special guests Dr. Lucha Steve Sims and the Cubsfan to talk tons of different lucha libre topics, including thoughts on Cubs on his first-ever trip to Mexico to watch the CMLL Anniversary show, how the culture and wrestling community compares to the US.

4. Pat McNeill's All-Star Panel

PWTorch columnist Pat McNeill welcomes an All-Star Panel of Brian Fritz from BetweentheRopes.com and Alfonso Castillo of Newsday to the Wednesday Livecast for a discussion of the latest wrestling topics of the week. pwtorchlivecast@gmail.com

5. Tom Simon checks in from the Road with the TCW Road Report.

TCW Radio brings you the stars of TCW Wrestling (Traditional Championship Wrestling) along with wrestling stars from around the world. Colonel Parker hosts the show. This week, veteran referee James Beard and Josh Newell from Bayou Independent Wrestling join the Colonel. He will also talk about the repercussions from Autumn Armageddon.

6. Each Tuesday following Raw, Diva Dirt Weekly will take a look back at the week preceding it

* Impact Wrestling (9/26/13): ODB defeats Gail Kim in an Intergender Tag Team match; Dixie Carter continues her mean streak; Lei'D Tapa set to debut. * SmackDown (9/27/13): AJ Lee defeats Cameron; Tamina Snuka becomes AJ's bodyguard. * Trish Stratus gives birth * Raw (9/30/13): Brie Bella defeats Alicia Fox; Brie is thrown into Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan feud. * WWE Battleground: Predictions for AJ vs. Brie.


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8. Spaghetti and Mayonnaise

This week on Mat Men your favorite wrestling fans talk about what they liked about current WWE programming and how RAW seems to be good again. They chat about the current storylines, Randy Orton, The Rhodes angle, Randy Orton, the midcard and undercard, Randy Orton, and about Los Matadores!

9. Government Shutdown?

bWo and the Wolf Pack Players are takin’ oveeeer! There is also an interview with a former wrestling Champion.  

10. Justin Gabriel Is A Werewolf

This week, the trio talks about TNA, Raw, the Top 5 Wrestlers of all time, Wrestlers of the Week, and more!

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