Top Odd News Episodes

1. 18 Foot Sea Serpent Caught Off California Coast

A snorkler spotted a rare 18-foot-long oarfish off the coast of California's Catalina Island. It took more than 15 people to haul the creature to shore. Scott Pelley reports.

2. Wisconsin City Reviewing New 'Snuggle House' Business

Madison city officials say the Snuggle House has yet to pass the building and fire inspections it needs for an occupancy permit. Assistant city attorney Jennifer Zilavy says the business has not presented a business plan. Owner Tim Casper says the touch therapy his business offers has clear boundaries in place to stay within the law.

3. Tesla's Elon Musk Buys James Bond's Submarine Car

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has bought the Lotus submarine car prop from a 1970s James Bond movie and plans to convert it into a real car that transforms into a sub -- with the benefit of a Tesla electric powerplant.

4. Bigfoot's Existence Now Backed by DNA Evidence?

A group of researchers claims to have indisputable proof the legendary creature is, in fact, very real. At a Dallas press conference Tuesday, the group known as the Sasquatch Genome Project presented evidence including photos, videos and even the supposed DNA of the beast.

5. Not Just Another Story: 03/21

There's only one problem with a planet killer asteroid with earth on its itinerary -- right now-- and there's nothing we could do to stop one. This in today's news and comment from Correspondent Harley Carnes.

6. Japanese Tradition: Sumo Wrestlers Making Babies Cry

In a strange but beloved sumo ceremony in Japan, infants are startled into shedding tears by men dressed as sumo wrestlers in the hope that it will lead to a long and healthy life.

7. The worlds first FDA approved bionic eye

The worlds first FDA approved bionic eye will soon be launching commercially in the United States. It's designed for the thousands of people the degenerative eye disease Retinitis Pigmentosa.

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