1+1= 7 | 7 Stories Explaining Why Obamacare + Government Shutdown Are Connected

1. Obamacare And The Threat Of Government Shutdown

Inching closer to the Republican threat to shut down the government if Obamacare is not repealed. We get inside the backstage wrestling match.

2. What Obamacare Means For You

Julie Rovner answers these and more as opening day looms for the new health exchanges.Can I wait to sign up for health insurance under Obamacare until I get sick? Do young people really have to buy it? And isn't Obamacare really a negative term?

3. The Real Obamacare Revealed

Starting in October, federally run exchanges under Obamacare will officially roll out in 36 states. We just got our first detailed look at the premiums that will be offered in the federally run health care exchanges.

4. Do the Republicans Have a Plan?

The Senate has a week to approve a government spending bill, but, as Kwame Holman reports, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is determined to block any attempt to pass a bill that includes funding for Obamacare. Author Robert Draper and Meredith Shiner of Roll Call join Judy Woodruff for a look inside the dynamics and schisms of the GOP.

5. Green Eggs and Ham Could Be the Government's Last Meal

As part of his pseudo-filibuster against funding for Obamacare Republican Ted Cruz read aloud from "Green Eggs and Ham" for his daughters who were apparently at home watching him on C-SPAN. This was an interesting choice -- politically

6. Ted Cruz Explains Himself

This week on ‘Fox News Sunday’ Senator Ted Cruz discusses ObamaCare and the debt ceiling showdown.

7. What Happens To Your Company if It Opts Out?

Corporations have been moving away from providing retiree health benefits for years. Now IBM joins those choosing to pay retirees an annual lump sum they can use to buy insurance through a private exchange. How much can companies save by sending people to private exchanges?

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