Your Favorite New Shows from Mule Radio

1. What If You Spent 4 Years in Solitary Confinement

"After crossing that line, hope was born in me. And this would make all the difference in the world."

2. Hellos, Memories, Tech Lust, & Movies

First episode from Tim Goodman and Lauren Poulos, joined by Jason Snell. They discuss all things culture, including the Jobs movies, new phones and TV and more TV.

3. The Feynman Files

A look at the life and times of Richard Feynman, as told through his rather impressive FBI file. Michael Morisy & Bradley Campbell dive into the most interesting government documents in an effort to our government transparent and accountable.

4. Mike Monteiro

Host Jeffrey Zeldman and guest Mike Monteiro (Design Is A Job) discuss truthfulness and respect in the design business, the beauty of client services, The Big Web Show's move to the Mule Radio Network.

5. Yellow Jumpsuit

This is a virginity story. Keith is and always has been an extremely charming man. I know it was the 90s, but there is nothing charming about a yellow jumpsuit. Poor clothing choices aside, Keith still proves to be a chick magnet.

6. Origin Stories

Mike and Ed cover the origins of famous heroes, infamous villains, as well as the dark history of their own crippling addiction to comic books.

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