The Manly List: Celebrating Movember

1. A Sharply Dressed Man

In today's episode, host Brett McKay talks to Antonio Centeno, founder and owner of Real Men Real Style as well as the resident style expert at Art of Manliness. We discuss men's style, why it's important, and things men can do to improve their personal style.

2. Whiskers & Scissors - The Perfect Shave

Meet the hosts of the The Moustache & Blade Podcast - Douglas Smythe and Ryan Steven Green - who tell you a little about themselves and their mutual interests in wet shaving and facial hair. Listen for a rant about shaving, moustaches, The Beatles, Hitler's evil toothbrush, and much more!

3. Homebrewing with Meads of Burnt Honey

Home meadmaker Matt Weide shares meads that have been made from a split batch and bochet - a mead from burnt honey.

4. Make Women Want You

For some, being a man means having a woman. Jason Capital is "America's Honest Dating Coach" and author of the online best-seller, Make Women Want You. In this episode, Jason brings us some of his real-world attraction methods, such as: Body-language 'attraction hacks' you've never heard and The Cold Approach Paradigm.

5. Being a Gentleman at the Pub

Being a man means being a gentleman, even to stubborn drunk friends during a night out. Modern Manners Guy shares his 3 easy etiquette tips for telling someone they've had too much to drink.

6. One Big Bad Bass

Wisconsin bass fishing freak, Kurt Mazurek joins the crew in this special bass angler episode of Fish Talk Radio.

7. MEAT: BBQ Bootcamp

The episode starts off with Chardonnay talk, so if you want to cut to the meat of this episode, try minute 27:46. Cole Carley recently attended BBQ Bootcamp hosted by NDSU's Animal Science Department. Participants learn about: meat cut selections, rubs, marinades and seasonings, smoking, gas and charcoal cooking. Basically everything you need to know about meat.

8. Crossbows

Nuff said. But if you need some background, host Hovey Smith enthusiastically describes the joy of hunting with ten crossbows from seven different makers, in an overview of modern crossbows used in Alaska, Eastern Canada, Idaho and Georgia where deer, black bear, hogs, gators and wild turkeys are taken.

9. How Zombies Help Keep You Fit, Outdoors

In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast, we’re talking about how to stay motivated and fit now that fall is upon us. In the theme of Halloween - host Steve Stearns reviews a scary app and total immersion game that offers an interesting way to stay motivated and make your runs extra fun.

10. You're a Woodworking, Furniture Maker

This week we announce some big changes at Fine Woodworking magazine before diving into questions concerning specialty handplanes, steambending wood, and other manly woodworking issues.

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