Top Episodes from New Shows: Week of 12/9/13

1. Brittani Louise Taylor

Brittani Louise Taylor, known for her popular song parodies, vlogs, and challenge videos, joins Rhett & Link this week to discuss her experiences with childhood bullying, her struggle for achievement as an actress in Hollywood, and how Shane Dawson played a large role in propelling her into the YouTube spotlight.

2. The Smart Thing" by Joseph Scrimshaw

After dying in a future war, James's essence is uploaded to the mobile device of the comedian Joseph Scrimshaw. Then things get complicated.

3. Wisconsin Coach Gary Andersen & Senior Bowl Executive Director Phil Savage

Matt “Money” Smith and Bucky Brooks are joined by Wisconsin head coach Gary Andersen to preview the Badgers’ bowl game against South Carolina, discuss Wisconsin’s key players. Senior Bowl Executive Director Phil Savage stops by to explain the process of identifying players to invite to the Senior Bowl, what players he is excited to see play in the game and Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s draft stock.

4. Comikaze Bingo w/Chris Viscardi, Will McRobb and Toby Huss

For their first ever LIVE podcast Danny and Mike visit Stan Lee's Comikaze in LA where they attempted to complete a comic bingo card with such categories as Tickle a Zombie, Rap Battle Weird Al and Kill a Superman. Along

5. Vegan: The Way to Compassion

Colleen establishes the fact that the foundation of veganism is compassion – from Pythagoras all the way to today.

6. How to land huge accounts

Leo Caillard is only 28 but has landed some of the biggest clients. In this podcast Leo will talk about what he has done to land large clients such as Playstation, Volkswagen and Virgin. Personal work is key for Leo and is one of the most important things you can do to advertise your work.

7. Grumpy Ladies Unite!

It's our very first episode! Get ready for some TRUTH time, so grab a glass of wine and curl up with Zontee and Michelle. Grumpy Ladies Unite! (Read As: We Drink Wine and Get Real Philosophical) appeared first on Girls Poop Rainbows.

8. Christmas Movie Season for Everyone

A debate about the greatest Christmas movies of all time, covering such classics as A Christmas Story, Elf, and Die Hard.Looking forward to The Hobbit, American Hustle, Walter Mitty, Grudge Match, 47 Ronin, and Wolf of Wall Street.

9. What Is A Katie Hopkins?

In the first episode of The Trampled Bat Podcast Gary Black, Chris Conroy & John Walker have a chat in the week that Katie Hopkins had poor timing, Tom Daley kind of came out and we find out who Kylie Jenner is and what's going on with her cycle.

10. The Plunge into Entrepreneurship

Mike Sheffield interviews Matt Heaton, Founder and CEO of Sponsorworthy, a crowd funding platform to support talent. Listen in as Matt teaches us about taking the plunge into entrepreneurship.

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