Top Episodes from New Shows: Week of 12/2/13

1. Do We Have a Duty to Obey the Government?

Conventional wisdom holds that governments make laws and their citizens have a duty to obey them. Most people think that's so obvious that we don't even really need to discuss it. But is it? Governments certainly want us to obey them, but what sort of arguments are there for why we should?

2. Lincoln Avenue's Motel Row

Why were so many motels built on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago? How do they stay in business? WBEZ's Logan Jaffe finds motel row's survival is due to a fair share of luck - considering it's weathered tectonic shifts in transportation, the ire of City Hall and its own seedy reputation.

3. Peanut Butter, Jelly, Thanksgiving

Joe and Michael faux argue about football on television and then draft things they are thankful for -- things that are not likely to show up on anybody else's list.

4. Big Fat Ukrainian Thanksgiving

Mariya's dad might be a little homophobic, but is ashamed of it. Glenna continues to enrich the show with her illustrations - today we see a Jewish shark. Mariya's art education taught her that everyone looks better naked. Guest comedian and writer Jenn Tisdale discusses her recent experience making an amateur porn video with James Deen.

5. Appreciate life and to develop a lifestyle of gratitude.

"The careless soul receives the Father's gifts as if it were a way things had of dropping into his hand...yet he is ever complaining, as if someone were accountable for the problems which meet him at every turn. For the good that comes to him, he gives no thanks—who is there to thank? At the disappointments that befall him he grumbles—there must be someone to blame!"

6. Spotlight: Mineshot Minecraft Mod

Find out how to make huge Minecraft screenshots with the Mineshot mod.

7. Mike Duncan

Inside the Actors Studio except for Podcasting This episode features Mike Duncan from the Revolutions and the History of Rome Podcasts

8. Good Fathering

Eric DaSilva breaks down his bit about being a good dad.

9. Walk On the Wild Side

Part musical classroom, part nostalgia, all great music. On this, their 1st episode, they examine Lou Reed's lasting fingerprint on modern day rock music.

10. The Voice of Samus Aran

Gamers will know Jessica Martin best from her portrayal of Samus Aran in Metroi: Other M. She's also a filmmaker and speaks fluent wookie! We chat about life as an actress in Seattle, portraying Samus, and making films.

11. Tiit Helimets, Principal San Francisco Ballet

Tiit Helimets is a principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet and Artistic Director of Tiit Helimets and Co. Tall, blond, and good looking, Tiit has a sweet, quiet manner. Onstage, he has been described as an elegant classical dancer and a superb partner.

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