Top Episodes from New Shows: Week of 11/4/13

1. Thank God It's Thorsday

Guess what everybody? A movie based on a comic book character is coming out this week! A movie like this comes out but 7 or 8 times a year, so to pay tribute, Tim and Tom discuss the new Thor movie and its relation to the TV show Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We also discuss the best 3D movies we've seen and Tim tries to rally everyone to support non-comic book movies. [NO SPOILERS, except for a reference to the end of The Sixth Sense] Then at 21:40, we try to discuss all the latest in Kanye news, including a discussion of how much one should be willing to pay to see him in concert, but it mostly devolves into an argument about the merits of Kim Kardashian as a person.

2. Rick Klein, Political Director of ABC News

Rick Klein, ABC News Political Director helps navigate Election Day in America, and while we weren't be voting today for the next President – or even the next Congress – that’s where most people’s attention turned.

3. Smash Skunks

Tim Clark from Arse2Mouse on Arsenal's week, we get a Manchester United perspective on Sunday's big game, there's some Amaury Bischoff PI and the chance to win goodies from Savile Rogue

4. Cara Santa Maria and Dylan Brody

Now in Audio- Only on Stitcher- The Rubin Report! Dave Rubin, Cara Santa Maria and Dylan Brody discuss Obamacare, Atheism, Science and much more.

5. Dealing with Grief

Listen as Byron Katie guides a mother step-by-step through a Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet on the death of her daughter. Katie gently helps her to identify the moment when it really hit her that her daughter was dead. In stillness, the woman revisits this moment and finds her central thought for the Worksheet: 'I am devastated because I don't have Hannah.' The woman then questions this thought and the others on her Worksheet, and through herquestioning begins to find peace.

6. Ari Shaffir

One of Nick and Kevin's oldest friends in comedy, Ari Shaffir, sits down for a long and fun discussion on pretty much everything; dating, drugs, girls, moving to New York, clothing, music, podcasting and standup and more. Ari is also host of his own popular and insightful podcast, Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank. Enjoy.

7. Come Back from the Brink

Ben de-stresses at the keyboard after a full day without words. Jim has an epiphany that brings him back from the edge of madness. Both love and loathe Scrivener.

8. Interview with The Village Barber

In Celebration of No Shave November-Honor a good shave! On this weeks show Douglas and Ryan pick the brain of Iain Kane, traditional barber and creator of Village Barber Shaving Oils and Balms.  

9. Anatomy of the Prototypical TED Speaker

Tell A Story What do all TED speakers have in common?  What do all great speeches have in common? A great speaker tells a story. The story is never self serving. It's always a message the speaker was compelled to deliver.

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